New in Checkfront: Built-In Digital Waivers

Last fall, while chatting with some of our clients about their 2015 season, one question kept popping up: “Can you recommend a better solution for waiver software?” The question was interesting. We had multiple third-party options already integrated with Checkfront, all fairly similar, and some of these businesses had tried them all. So where were they lacking?

It quickly became clear that the real desire was for more than another integration, but rather a unified solution right within Checkfront. Something that would allow staff to fully manage and view this critical piece of operations within one application.

Today, we’re very pleased to officially announce Checkfront’s built-in digital waiver system, now included with our Plus and Enterprise plans.

Here’s Shannon to walk you through it:

Our Waivers & Documents add-on was designed with precisely the features you need as a booking-based business:

  • Optimized for Online Bookings
  • Tablet & Mobile Friendly
  • Flexible Templates
  • Fast & Convenient for Groups
  • Attached to Bookings
  • Safe & Secure
  • Automated Reminders
  • Easy Archiving
  • Kiosk Mode

Already using Checkfront? Enable Waivers & Documents under Manage > Add-ons within your Checkfront account. We’ve added a 14-day evaluation period to the add-on, providing all plan levels with an opportunity to try it out. After 14 days, simply upgrade your plan to Plus or Enterprise to keep accessing it.

A final note: Our sincere thanks to all the businesses involved in our development process and private beta. Please keep that feedback coming!

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