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Waivers & Documents

Now Available with Checkfront Plus & Enterprise Plans

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Leave the paper behind.

There’s a better way to collect and store your waivers and documents.

  • Save Time & Effort

    You have better things to do than chasing customer signatures and hunting for places to store paperwork. Let Checkfront do the work with integrated waivers and required documents.

  • Improve Your Record Keeping

    Reduce errors, resolve storage woes, and relax with securely stored, searchable documents. Plus, customers will appreciate the convenience of submitting documents on the go.


A Unified Solution
for Bookings & Waivers

We’ve brought waivers and documents right into your booking flow, streamlining the process for your customers and staff.

    Designed for Checkfront, by Checkfront.

    Waivers & Documents add-on was designed with precisely the features you need as a booking-based business.

    • Optimized for Online Bookings

      Prompt customers to complete waivers and required documents upon making a booking.

    • Tablet & Mobile Friendly

      Customers can submit and view documents from their platform of choice – desktop, tablet or phone.

    • Flexible Templates

      Incorporate any number of names, signatures, and fields. Collect the data your business needs.
    • Fast & Convenient for Groups

      A private documents page makes it a breeze for group administrators to distribute, collect, and track submissions.
    • Synced with Bookings

      Conveniently view document statuses and details within each booking. Attribute additional documents to the booking with a quick search.
    • Safe & Secure

      A PDF is instantly saved of each signed document, creating a lasting record of the contents and submission source.
    • Automated Reminders

      Scheduled reminder emails prompt customers to complete required documents in advance of arrival.
    • Easy Archiving

      Create your own archive of waivers and documents through automatic syncing with Google Drive.
    • Kiosk Mode

      Provide a publicly accessible page for your customers to submit required documents directly into Checkfront.

    Waivers & Documents FAQ

    • Where do I enable Waivers & Documents?

      From Manage > Add-ons, select the Waivers & Documents options and then choose Activate. Once activated, you will notice a new menu item under Booking > Waivers & Documents.

    • Do I have to pay an additional monthly backup storage fee, or per-waiver fee like other e-waiver solutions?

      No, fees associated with waivers are built in to your Plus or Enterprise plan rate.

    • I have multiple waivers for my different types of activities. Do you support multiple waiver templates?

      Yes. You may create multiple templates and attach one or a few to each of your inventory items.

    • Is there any software to install?

      Thankfully not. Checkfront is a cloud-based application. It’s always available and can be accessed from anywhere including your smartphone or tablet.

    • I don’t have a Plus or Enterprise account, but I’m very interested. Can I temporarily access this feature to help decide?

      Absolutely! Simply enable the 14-day trial of this feature within your Checkfront account (Manage > Add-ons).

    24-7 Support

    24/7 Support

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    We know a good product is nothing without great support. Our eager support team is available to answer any questions you have.

    Simplify your booking process with integrated waivers.

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