Powerful resource management to grow your revenue

Your resources only make you money when they’re booked. Power your business with automated asset sharing, dynamic pricing, and enticing product bundles. Get the most out of every vehicle, seat, piece of equipment, or room with Checkfront.

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Book your assets to capacity

Use our powerful resource management tool to share your assets across all your experiences.

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Drive profits with dynamic pricing

Meet customer demand with multiple pricing options for every experience.

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Sell more with add-ons

Combine your products into packages and add upsells to your checkout flow to increase the value of every booking.

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What are assets?

Assets are the key resources your business relies on to supply experiences to your guests. Some examples of assets could be:

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Get your assets booked to capacity

Maximize your booking volume without investing in more resources. Easily share assets across multiple products and manage their availability in real-time.

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Allocate assets with ease

Allow assets in your inventory to be booked in multiple ways: daily, multi-day, nightly, hourly, or all of the above. Then, easily manage their availability in the case of maintenance, inclement weather, or emergencies.

Never get double booked

Share your assets across all your experiences to get them to capacity. Then, feel safe knowing our software will do the math to ensure you won’t have double bookings.

Save time and skip the spreadsheets

Speed up check-in and cut down on clicking through tabs by viewing and assigning your assets to your guests in one dashboard.

Drive profits with dynamic pricing

Cater to a variety of customers with the ability to set dynamic pricing, seasonal modifiers, and special offers.

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Flexible pricing to match customer demand

Cater to multiple guest types and set rates to match. Entice larger bookings with reduced rates for groups. Ensure costs are covered with base rates for private experiences. Or, incentivize guests to extend their booking with duration-based pricing options.

Stay profitable no matter the season

Stay on top of sales from high to low season and every holiday in between with easy-to-use pricing modifiers.

Increase revenue with discounts & special offers

Power marketing initiatives with custom discount codes that you can track. Or, set up special offers during the holidays or as a part of your business’s loyalty program.

Sell more with add-ons

Leverage our seamless checkout experience and entice customers with bundled products or upsells right in the booking flow.

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Offer enticing packages

Pair products together to build unforgettable packages. Then, entice customers to book with discounts on bundles.

Increase customer cart values

Expand your offering and increase your guests’ average order value with upsells like meals, merchandise, and more right at checkout.

Revolutionize your bookings today


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