Checkfront announces global merger with Rezdy and Regiondo

By Erick Tomaliwan

Booking ManagementBooking Management

Today, I’m thrilled to share some long-awaited news that will change the landscape of reservation technology. Checkfront has merged with Australian tour and activity booking software company, Rezdy. Following our merger, European tour and activity booking software company Regiondo has joined the combination – cementing us as a truly global leader in the booking software industry.

Before we dive into what this news means for the future of Checkfront, I want to take a moment to consider our past. Because before we had a Board of Directors, we had a couple of computers in a basement and the ambition to help inspiring operators grow their business.

We started our company when “reservation technology” meant trying to book an experience by calling a phone number and leaving a voicemail. Inspired by the grit and determination of business owners in this space, we knew they deserved better. Now, with 13 years in the restech industry, we’ve built a great product with an incredible team serving operators across the globe.

Over a decade after starting Checkfront, our industry has become increasingly fragmented with new competitors entering the market. This has led experience operators needing to make trade-offs because no booking software solution meets all their complex needs. So, we decided that to serve our operators better, we wanted to join forces.

Why Rezdy & Regiondo?

By joining forces, Checkfront, Rezdy, and Regiondo will be positioned to offer unparalleled support to tourism companies on a global scale.

The unique strengths of our companies fit together like pieces of a puzzle we’ve been trying to solve for so long. For years we knew this was the right move — it was just timing. Combining our companies will benefit all operators, teams, the industry, and our strategic positions, with extensive regional presence and supporting diverse verticals.

We also knew how meaningful it would be to the industry for our companies to grow together while constantly keeping our operators at the heart of every decision we make.

What’s next?

We know many of our customers are in their peak high season and they can rest assured that it will be business as usual, offering continued excellent service for our customers. Our first priority is always ensuring our software is there to help them manage their demand and run their business.

As we launch into this new chapter, I want to extend heartfelt thank you to the incredible contributors (we like to call ours Checkmates!) from past and present at Checkfront, who all helped pave the way to where we are today.

Additionally, thank you to our Board, advisors, investors, partners, peers, and customers, many who believed in our vision early on. Without all of you, none of this would have been possible. 

I’m incredibly excited about what lies ahead and to be working alongside our new friends in Australia and Europe.

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