Introducing Flex — Our Zero Payments Plan

By Kyla Steeves

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While comparing the types of booking systems, you probably have one thing that keeps nudging you — the cost. 

Of course, every booking system follows a different SaaS pricing model. Some get behind tiered payment plans, giving you a predictable way to stay within budget as you grow. Others offer a free booking system by handing off the fee to the guest. Not one offers both.

Until now.

We believe that pricing shouldn’t stand between you and the booking management platform of your dreams. That’s why we’re introducing our zero payments plan — Flex. Now, alongside our monthly plans, you can get everything you need while choosing how you want to pay. 

What exactly is our Flex plan?

Just like the name suggests, our Flex plan is about flexibility. There are no upfront costs to create an account, but you can still access all of our features and integrations while taking an unlimited number of bookings — whether online or offline. 

How is that possible?

Instead of charging you, we collect a small user fee at the time of booking. It’s never more than 5% of the total and appears right on the invoice, so your guests know what it is. Basically, you don’t pay a dime for using our booking management platform; it pays for itself. 

Benefits of a free booking system 

Now, you may be wondering why you should go with Flex over a subscription-based plan. That’s up to you. You know what’s best for your business, we’re just thrilled to provide both payment options.

However, if you’re unfamiliar with user fee pricing, here’s what you can expect from free booking software:

  • Zero payments — enough said
  • It will always cost you nothing as you scale
  • You get a chance to build your online presence without paying out of pocket
  • There are no additional fees for specific add-ons
  • Even in the low season, you can take fewer bookings and make a profit
  • You don’t have to worry about getting budget approval
  • How many more ways can we say that it’s free?

But wait, what will happen to our monthly payment plans?

Flat rates are here to stay

Don’t worry; we’re not saying goodbye to our subscription pricing options. Not now. Not ever. These plans also have amazing benefits, and if you go that route, we know you’ll find success, too. We’re just listening to the many requests we received for a zero payment plan.

That said, you are welcome to try out Flex, and make the switch after your one year contract. And vice versa. We want you to find what fits your business size, seasonality, and budget. You should always have that choice, independent of your online booking system.

How do you get started with Flex?

To sign up for our Flex plan, simply fill out the form here. One of our team members will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your requirements and the best payment structure for your business.

If you already have an account with us and want to go with Flex instead, just let our team know. We’re more than happy to weigh out your options and see if Flex is ideal going forward.

Start taking bookings for free

Apply for Flex to access our suite of booking management features without paying a dime.