7 Skills a Top-Notch Tour Guide Should Have

A tour company is nothing without its tour guides—they are the backbone of the entire operation. Being a tour guide isn’t just about reading facts from a sheet, though; it’s a very demanding job that combines performance, memory, and customer service all into one. While every tour (and every guide) is different, the very best tour employees have a certain set of skills that make them really stand out. The skills of a tour guide range from personable to punctual. Here are the things to look for when you hire a tour guide.

Here are 7 must-have skills of a tour guide

1. Communication

It all comes down to communication. A tour guide must be articulate and easy to understand and know how to communicate with large and varying groups of people. A good guide will not only have the physical capability to command attention and project their voice clearly, but also have the interpersonal skills necessary to interact with new people every single day, answer questions, and be approachable.

2. Memory and Storytelling

When you run a tour, you’re selling more than just the sights and sounds; you’re selling knowledge, history, and a story, and your guide must make all of that information compelling. If a tour guide is reading off of cards or getting facts wrong, your guests will not be impressed. The ultimate goal is for your guide to know their script so well that it should seem like it’s their own story, and it should flow naturally from them rather than feeling rehearsed. They’re not just giving out information; they’re playing a role.

Here are some tourism storytelling tips.

3. Humor

No one wants a dry, boring, humorless history lesson; they zone out, get bored, and just don’t have a good time. A guide with a good sense of humor will be able to inject some zest into their scripts and make the guests feel at ease and happy, increasing their enjoyment of the tour and cutting any tensions that may arise.

This post explains how to be a funny tour guide.

4. Passion

Even if your guide isn’t a local, they should be able to fool your guests reasonably well by having true insider knowledge of the best restaurants and neat little secrets that only residents tend to know. They should have a true passion for the city or activity and convey that passion to your guests.

If you’re hiring guides for your tour business, be sure to watch out for a tour guide who has a passion for travel — among other things.

5. Flexibility

A tour guide isn’t up on a stage delivering lines to a passive audience. Your guests will have questions and comments, and your guide should be able to react to them with authority and enthusiasm. This means that the guide will need to know more than just the standard script. They should be able to draw from that knowledge in a compelling way. Flexibility is important so they can adjust for spontaneous moments and use a unique approach for different types of guests.

6. Punctuality

No one wants to sit around waiting for a guide; it’s incredibly unprofessional. Your best tour guides will be punctual to a fault, ready to check your guests in using your online booking system and able to organize them so that there are few delays as possible.

7. Sensitivity

You’re going to have guests coming in from all over the globe and all walks of life, and they will have certain cultural expectations and social norms. The best tour guides are sensitive to these international differences and can tailor their deliveries to respect their guests where possible. Check out these tips for effective intercultural communication.

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