Checkfront Mobile Apps for iOS & Android

You can’t put your booking administration on auto-pilot just yet, but things just got a whole lot easier! We are thrilled to announce our new mobile apps for Checkfront.

The Checkfront mobile apps provide real time access to your customers and bookings while on the go, and are available today for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android devices.

“This makes the job a 1000 times easier. We scan the QR code, reservation pops up and they are ready to go, instantly. Lightning speed, no delays.” – Rafael, New York Helicopter

Mobile Bookings

No More Sticky Notes!

With Checkfront’s mobile apps you can view and add notes to bookings while on the go and keep in touch with your staff

You can create a booking, update the status in real time, and contact customers – all without having to wait until you get back in front of your computer.

You can create a booking, update the status in real time, and contact customers – all without having to wait until you get back in front of your computer.

Instant Check-in with QR Codes

The built-in barcode scanner makes checking in customers and verifying bookings a breeze. Just wave your mobile device over the barcode on the Checkfront Booking receipt and it will instantly bring up the booking. With auto-checkin enabled, the customer will be checked-in or checked-out at the same time. (Remember to enable the 3D barcode add-on in your account.)

Put Customers at Your Fingertips

Quickly pinpoint customers, directly call or email them from the app, and add them as contacts to your device phone book.

Other features include:

  • NEW! Create bookings in-app
  • View current and upcoming bookings.
  • Search bookings by customer, booking ID or date.
  • Check-in and check-out bookings.
  • NEW! Record payments
  • View and update booking notes.
  • Access your global bookmarks.
  • View a map of the customers location.
  • Export and open the PDF booking receipt.


iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

Version 2.0 (released August 13, 2015) is compatible with iOS 8 and greater.You can get the Checkfront mobile app for iOS devices in the Apple App Store.


Compatible with Android 2.2 or greater.The Android App is available via Google Play.Please note that the Android release is currently optimized for Android phones, not tablets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create a new booking via the mobile app?

Version 2.0 (currently available for IOS) does include the ability to create a booking. Though the ability to process mobile payments is not currently supported, you are able to record a payment via the IOS app.

How do I add QR codes to my invoices to be used with the bar code scanner?

You need to enable the QR code extension in your account under add-ons.

Can I access multiple Checkfront accounts at a time?

There is no way at this time to quickly switch between accounts. Version 2.0 of the app retains a list of recently accessed accounts on the login screen with account url and login ID saved, making it just a simple password entry to access other accounts.

Can I take payments through the app?

You can change the status of a booking to PAID (and record a manual payment in version 2.0), but there is currently no mechanism to process credit cards (stay tuned).

Is there a tablet optimized version for the Android?

Android support is currently best suited for phones, however it will run on a tablet.

What does auto-checkin do?

When enabled, and bar code is successfully scanned, the app will automatically check the customer in or out.

Any plans for Windows Mobile or Blackberry?

We have no plans at this time to make apps available outside of iOS and Android.

I use Checkfront with Google Apps, but can’t login via the mobile apps.

Currently you cannot authenticate via our mobile apps using your Google Account. We hope to add this in a future release. In the mean time, if you wish to return your account to our standard authentication, please contact support.

Terms of Service

Please note use of the mobile apps are covered by our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.