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When it comes to choosing an experience, nearly 90% of people trust online reviews as much as their personal network. So, learning how to ask for Tripadvisor online reviews can be an indispensable tool for marketing your business. 

While Google Reviews and social media testimonials can be helpful, one of the best options for reviews listing your business on a tour comparison site, such as Tripadvisor

Online directories like Tripadvisor provide a platform for guests to compare businesses based on others’ experiences, and as travellers, they’re looking to find the best experience possible.

In order to benefit from reviews, you’ll need to ask guests for them. And while this might feel awkward, visitors love to share their feedback and sometimes need encouragement to do so.

After a thrilling activity or relaxing getaway, guests are often excited and happy to spread the word. So, how do you encourage TripAdvisor reviews? We’ll walk you through four strategies for asking for reviews and provide some examples of how to politely ask your guests for their feedback.

Why you should ask for TripAdvisor reviews

On a personal level, you likely already know the power of reviews from your own experiences. There may have been times when you’ve chosen a business because of its high rating or thoughtful reviews from previous customers. 

On the flip side, you may have decided to skip a product or experience that you were considering after finding it had consistently negative reviews or an overall low rating.

It only takes a few comments to make an impression. And the difference in star rating can be the final deciding factor for a guest to choose you over a competitor. When it comes to collecting reviews and building your TripAdvisor reputation, your greatest asset is the relationship you develop with your guests.

As an experience provider, quality reviews show that you’re a trustworthy business with a reliable reputation. What guests say about your business is most impactful to future guests. Plus, gathering consistent, high praise from your guests through online reviews is one of the best ways to improve your ranking on TripAdvisor.

So what’s the basis for TripAdvisor’s success? Having a wealth of traveler opinions all in one place.

Without the depth of user-generated feedback from the travel community, it wouldn’t have the same influence on search rankings. As you market your business, keep TripAdvisor in focus with a memorable, seamless guest experience as your first priority.

How to ask for TripAdvisor reviews

So, what’s the best way to get more TripAdvisor reviews? Ask!

Guests will be more inclined to leave a review after a positive experience. Usually, they just need a nudge, as it can be easy to forget to share feedback while on the go. Remind guests how valuable feedback is to you and make it a simple process for them to share their thoughts. 

Here are four ways you can prompt your guests to leave a review:

1. Follow-up email

Email outreach is key for connecting with your guests after their experience. Plus, it provides you with an existing communication channel to prompt them to leave a review.

Draft email templates in a way that feels personal to your guests, while keeping it concise, and providing a direct link to your TripAdvisor listing.

2. Review card with QR code

Putting a QR code on your business card or tour pamphlet can encourage guests to leave a review immediately following their experience.

A QR code creates a direct link on their mobile device and can facilitate a faster response time than if a guest waited to return home before sharing their thoughts. 

The convenience of having the link available while the experience is fresh in their mind will provide the best opportunity for genuine feedback. Plus, guests can share the QR code or link with other travellers who may also want to share their own reviews.

3. Text message

Another efficient way to reach out to your guests is through SMS text messages. Since guests often have mobile devices handy, text messages are useful for thanking your guests and asking for a review, ideally with a direct link to your TripAdvisor page. 

Keep it short and sweet by thanking your guest for their support and asking for their feedback with a direct link.

4. End-of-tour script

During the experience, your guests build rapport with their guide, so make use of this connection! At the end of each experience, encourage your guides to ask for reviews in their end-of-tour script. 

This can be as simple as, “I had a wonderful time with you all today. If you enjoyed this experience, it would mean a lot to me and [the tour company name] if you leave us a review on TripAdvisor, as that helps us share our experiences with more guests.” 

For extra encouragement, your tour guides can remind guests of your social media handles or hand out review cards with QR codes to prompt immediate reviews. 

Templates you can use to ask for TripAdvisor reviews

Wondering how to politely ask for a review? 

When crafting your post-experience emails, aim to make the overall review process as easy as possible while expressing gratitude for their support. Consistent and genuine communication is the best strategy how to get more reviews on TripAdvisor.

Keep these five principles in mind when you create your review request templates:

  • Keep it short
  • Highlight your brand
  • Have a clear focus
  • Offer incentive
  • Be personable

After you first send a review request message, be sure to follow up. Aim to remind guests within two weeks to one month from your first email prompt. Guests know how much businesses value feedback, so make a point to ask for those magic reviews.

1. Review request email template

Email subject line: How did we do?

Hi [guest name],

We loved having you [join the tour – visit us for the first time] and are so glad you chose to book with us. We’d love to hear your feedback. Is there anything we did to make your vacation more memorable? 

Leave a review on TripAdvisor and let us know how your [experience type] with [company name] went. You can leave a review here: [link to leave a Tripadvisor review]

We appreciate your support!

Thank you, 

[your name, business, email] 

2. ‘Leave us a review’ template for text message

Hi [guest name],

Thank you for joining [company name] on [experience]. We’d love to hear how your experience went: [link to leave a Tripadvisor review] We appreciate your support! 

3. Follow-up email template

Hi [guest name],

Thanks again for joining us at [company name]. We loved sharing our [name of experience] with you!

We’d love to hear how your [name of specific experience] was for you and whether you have any suggestions for our team. If you have two minutes to leave a review at [link to leave a Tripadvisor review], it would mean the world to us.

Thank you for supporting [company name] and we hope to see you again soon!


[your name, business, email] 

Follow up with an automated reminder

Even if your tour experience was outstanding and your guests responded well when asked to leave a review, they may forget once they get home. It’s understandable — there are other exciting things they might want to do first — like post photos of your tour on social media.

To reduce the chances of guests forgetting about you, send them a thank-you email with reminder to leave a review. Ideally, your guest will receive this message within 24-72 hours of them wrapping up their experience. And since they’ll likely have a mobile device close by, this is a perfect opportunity for them to follow through with leaving you an online review.

It’s easy to set up automated email notifications through an online booking system, like Checkfront. And you can personalize messages to be actionable and friendly. Just remember, an email doesn’t replace in-person interactions. It should only act as a reminder of their incredible tour experience — which a tour guide influences.

Understandably, your focus should be on creating unforgettable experiences for your guests. So, if you want to establish a TripAdvisor presence by increasing the number of reviews, deliver the kind of encounters travelers rave about. Any tool, gadget or gizmo can’t compare to the human connection.

Final Thoughts

With over a billion reviews listed on their directory, TripAdvisor is a powerful platform for experience providers. When it comes to how you can get more reviews on TripAdvisor, the best thing you can do is to ask your guests. Be genuine and straightforward, leaning into how they can help you to share what you do with more guests in the future.

By making exceptional guest experiences your top priority, taking opportunities to encourage your guests to share their feedback, and showing your gratitude for their support, your business’s online reputation will be your most powerful marketing tool.

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