Site Builder vs WordPress: Which CMS is Best for Your Tourism Business?

This past week we’ve been talking about our new product Site Builder. If you haven’t heard, Site Builder is the easiest way to create a stunning search-friendly tourism website. It’s also the ONLY CMS designed specifically for travel companies.

So what makes Site Builder any different than an alternative such as WordPress? It comes down to 3 things: booking focus, ease of use, and technical optimization.

WordPress is an open source platform, meaning any developer can contribute templates and plugins. As a result, WordPress is a robust system with many features. Yet, sometimes it can feel like there are too many options. It can take forever to find a template that matches your business needs.

With Site Builder, we’ve taken what we’ve learned from our 3500 customers over the past seven years and created templates that only include elements of an industry leading tourism website. Each theme is curated for your business— designed around a specific booking flow to increase the chances of visitors making a reservation.

WordPress uses a text editor as a way to insert text and photos into the templates. The concept is simple but there is a learning curve and editing can be frustrating. So it helps to have some coding and design experience.

Site Builder uses an intuitive editor. This makes it easier to rearrange elements in your pages and upload images. There are still text elements but only where you need to insert text. This means you never have to touch a line of code! The editor is so fast you can have your site up in as little as two hours.

Another downside to WordPress’s open source model is inconsistency. You never know what you’re going to get. Some themes are mobile optimized, while others aren’t. There also isn’t a guarantee that the developer will keep the template up to date. This exposes your site to security threats. You also have to manage your own SEO (search engine optimization).

Each Site Builder theme is mobile responsive and even offer responsive previews. They have a complimentary SSL certificate, and we take care of the security for you. The themes also come pre-populated with metadata and transform your inventory into search-friendly web pages to increase your visibility on search engines.

We still have a tour booking plugin with WordPress, and other CMS’s, but there are some serious advantages of pairing your Booking Manager with Site Builder. Check out this infographic for the complete list.

Breakdown of Site Builder vs WordPress comparison

Site Builder is the clear winner! Want to try it out?

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