How to write ATV tour descriptions that drive bookings (with examples) 

By Erick Tomaliwan

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Do you know what drives buying decisions? I’ll give you a hint — it doesn’t have to do with reason at all.

When it comes to thrill-seeking experiences, emotion is in the driver’s seat. And how you make people feel has the greatest impact on whether they buy.

How can you make adventure enthusiasts want what you offer? And, how can you explain an adrenaline rush to someone who’s never hopped on an ATV before? With ATV rental descriptions that put your guests in the driver’s seat.

In this post, I’ll teach you copywriting tricks for your guided ATV tour descriptions to increase direct bookings through your rental website.

How to write descriptions for ATV rentals

To be fair, writing SEO descriptions for ATV-guided tours can be challenging, even for experienced copywriters.

But if you make your target customer feel something — a rush of excitement, perhaps — then you’re already off to a head start. 

atv rider on sand dune with a rider in front

Start with a hook

You have less than 6 seconds to hook a guest’s attention. Use words that speak to features, benefits, and value.

Do you want riders to experience an adrenaline rush? Make your language exciting and punchy. Try using words like “bold”, “daring,” or “riveting” to help readers know what they can expect to experience when they book an ATV.

Another way you can command attention? Use the present tense to trick the brain and make the customer feel like they’re in the experience as they’re reading. Then, build up their desire through the power of storytelling.

Make it easy for readers to see value at a glance

  • Share details of the type of equipment/machine(s) guests can rent
  • Mention if the ATV booking is for a private all-terrain rental or a guided offroading experience
  • Show how long guests can book rentals or expect to be out on an ATV tour
  • Include whether the booking is family-friendly or age-specific
  • Highlight pricing for individual(s), group(s), and multi-day tours

The key is to answer questions you often get asked about your offroading rentals and activities. Of course, the most important elements of your description lead to what’s in it for your guests.  

Did you read all of the above, or did you skip to the bullet points? It’s so much easier for guests to scan your ATV rental tours description. Like, in the example below:

Account for keywords

Remember, when you write copy for your website, remember you’re not just writing for your visitors; you’re writing for Google. That means you should use every keyword opportunity possible for better on-page SEO (search engine optimization), especially when coming up with tour name ideas.

The keywords you choose should be common language, like “ATV tours in Revelstoke,” as these terms help direct more visitors to your website.

If you haven’t done keyword research before, start by simply typing in names of ATV tours into Google. Then, take a look at what related searches come up on the results page. You can also use tools like Semrush and Google Search Console to help find which terms guests are using to find experiences like yours.

Lastly, if you’re just starting a rental business, you may notice your travel and tourism keywords will change depending on the specific terms people use to search in the first place.

Now, let’s take a look at an example of an ATV rental description!

Example of an exciting ATV tour description

If fun is your MO, do we ever have the adventure for you. Gear up for the greatest all-terrain tour on this side of the Pacific. (Highlight superiority) 

You’ll conquer hilly dunes, traverse muddy terrain and feel a rush of adrenaline akin to jumping out of a plane. (Action-packed and fun humour) 

Not only do we have a top safety rating, but we also know the backtrails like the back of our hands (GEO-specific and confidence-inspiring).

You’ll leave wondering why you waited so long to rev your engine. (Confidence and value) Trust us when we say, that this kind of thrill doesn’t come from staying home watching Netflix. So, what are you waiting for? (Scarcity)

As another example, let’s take a look at a Checkfront customer, Grand Marais Powersports.

Notice how when you look at the options to book, you can easily scan to see what type of ATV tour is offered. Grand Marais Powersports shows how much it costs per day, the number of riders it fits and additional specs like power steering that add value.

Grand Marais Powersports Checkfront Online Bookings Calendar Availability

TL; DR: Key tips for writing SEO-targeted ATV tour descriptions

Let’s recap!

  • Allow visitors to imagine themselves as if the experience is happening at the moment
  • Use punchy descriptions and details that generate an emotional response
  • Re-connect your ideal customer with their inner enthusiast with words they would use 
  • Use bullet points. People scan. Give key info fast, and if readers want more, they’ll delve further
  • Include specific locations and duration so it’s clear when you’re based and how long people can rent machines from your business

And if you’re finding yourself without the time to dedicate to writing tour descriptions, don’t despair — there are plenty of tools that can help you.

One option is to use a product description generator, like Gondola, as one of the artificial intelligence tools for rental and activity operators designed to create tour descriptions. And, if you haven’t already, try out our online rental software for your tour business.

What to include when describing ATV rental tours

Speak to your ideal audience

When crafting a description detailing your ATV rentals, the only thing on your guest’s mind is what’s in it for them.

Just as you would speak with a guest over the phone, lead with “you” or “your,” adhering to the you rule in your description.

Popular categories to highlight are What’s Included, What to Bring, Highlights, How to Get There, Cancellation Policy, and Safety Measures — you can use one or all, depending on the type of booking. Google will crawl your website and use details in your description to populate search results.

Try writing as if speaking to guests over the phone. You might find that get to the selling points early on and help draw the guest into the idea of what their riding experience might be like. 

Show, don’t tell

The best adventure rental websites lead with images that tease the experience. Bring the thrill of ATV riding to life with action words and photos of real-life guests.

Some examples include lines like, “feel the thrill of the throttle with the fastest ATVs on the market”, “go off-grid with expert snowmobile guides,” and “escape to unchartered terrain with industry-leading performance”.  Pair these emotionally-charged messages with images that match the vibe to make it easy for guests to connect the dots.

two riders on ATVS driving on a dirt road in a forest

Read what guests are saying about ATV rental experiences

Reading recent reviews will give you a glimpse into what guests find most memorable about booking with you. Use similar phrasing to the language your guests mention in reviews to make your descriptions more specific and relatable. 

Just starting out and don’t have any reviews to show? Break down the unique selling points of your adventure rentals. As you do, keep asking yourself, “So what?” to dig deeper into why guests should care about the experience (and find out if you’re convincing enough in the language you use).

Going forward, make it part of your workflow to ask guests to share testimonials on your website.

Final thoughts 

Now, are you just about ready to grab a helmet and get behind a powerhouse of an ATV? Curious to know what it feels like to hit the sand dunes in Cabo San Lucas on four wheels?

If you’re starting to feel excited by your descriptions, you can bet your guests are going to feel something too.

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