Checkfront at Arival Berlin 2019

By Kyla Steeves

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Train in Berlin

It seems like only yesterday that we were attending the inaugural Arival event. Now, after taking part in Arival Las Vegas, we are eager to head to Arival Berlin for another round of networking and learning.

From March 4 – 5th, creators and sellers will gather at Mercure MOA to discuss what’s happening in the travel activities space. Since Arival first came along to recognize the significance of tours, activities, and attractions, it’s exciting that this conference is already breaking ground internationally.

Just after Berlin, Arival will be in Bangkok too. That means operators from around the world —  specifically Europe and Asia — will also have the opportunity to hear from industry experts and make new connections. For us, it’s been inspiring to witness this global growth. And it’s all thanks to Arival’s unwavering commitment to in-destination experiences.

If you’re attending Arival Berlin, we’d love to meet with you and talk about online bookings — so long as you’re ready for our funny Canadian accents. You can find us in the Networking Lounge — which will be located in the Convention Centre, MOA 8, 9 & 10.

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