Let Checkfront and Zapier Handle Your Repetitive Booking Tasks

By Erick Tomaliwan

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With tons of software tools available, it should be easier than ever to run your tourism business. Instead, you might be manually transferring information between multiple open tabs on your internet browser. Somehow, reducing your routine tasks only added new ones.

Perhaps your tour management software integrates with your accounting software and content management system, but not your to-do list app. And your CRM software integrates with everything except your email marketing platform. Why can’t all of your apps work together?

Here’s the good news — now, they can. We’re so excited to announce that Checkfront is officially live for early access to our Zapier integration. With access to over 1,500 integrations and growing, you can choose the best online tools, knowing they’ll fit perfectly in your whole toolkit.

Wait — what is Zapier?

If you haven’t heard about Zapier, get ready to be amazed. Zapier is an online automation tool that bridges the gap between your favourite business apps — like Google Sheets, Mailchimp, Airtable, and Slack. Whether or not they already integrate, Zapier allows them to talk to each other by moving data from one to the next, automatically.

All you have to do is build the workflows you need — otherwise known as Zaps. Without coding experience or hours of engineering, you can connect two or more apps and automate any of your routine tasks. You simply select a trigger to get the ball rolling and add multiple actions as steps. Knowing the small stuff is taken care of, you can then focus on more important things.

How Zapier works with bookings

The more bookings, the better — but it also means more work. You might have to tell your team what to get ready, send guests SMS and email reminders, update your newsletter subscriber list, re-target lost sales with a drip campaign, and add payments and booking details to other spreadsheets. Does the list ever end?

By activating the Zapier integration in Checkfront, these repetitive booking tasks can take place in the background without any involvement on your end. Using our current triggers and properties, you just start an automated workflow with other business apps.

Here are some examples of Zaps you can do:

  • Add new bookings to Google Sheets for team members to see without waiting for a printed or emailed list
  • Create a contact list from booking details for your marketing strategies with ActiveCampaign
  • Win back lost customers by initiating an email workflow with Drip from cancelled bookings
  • Add new items to Trello Cards, so that your team can start progressing on related projects
  • And so much more…

If you’re unable to create a Zap you want, let us know. We’re happy to offer more triggers and properties based on your feedback.

How to connect Checkfront and Zapier

For access to your integrations of choice, you only need to set up one. With a Zapier and Checkfront account, you can start creating booking-based workflows by following our detailed instructions on enabling Zapier, and making Zaps in Zapier.

If you’re new to Zapier, there’s a free 14-day trial and various account levels to meet your business needs. As for Checkfront, our Zapier integration is available for all plans with a free 21-day trial.

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