Bring Your Apps On Board with Zapier

Checkfront + Zapier

Connect Checkfront to over 1,500 Zapier integrations, including MailChimp, Google Sheets, Hubspot, Slack, the list goes on.

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Make it Happen with Workflow Automation

Kick it Into High Gear

Notify your team of new bookings using real-time messaging. All while making sure everything’s ready ahead of time with to-do lists and project management apps.

Provide the Best Experience

Better understand your customers by sharing their booking details with the best CRM tools. See their transactions, needs, and preferences to personalize every touchpoint.

Stay Up to Date, Always

Share your booking and inventory data with your accounting software, and other spreadsheets. Have the right team members see what they need to see, at the right time.

Keep Them Coming Back

Grow your subscriber list from your new booking contacts. Let them know all about seasonal discounts and upcoming promotions using email marketing software.

Just a few clicks away.

No coding necessary. Line up triggers with specific actions, and leave the rest up to Zapier.

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Create an Account

Sign up for Zapier and Checkfront, separately.
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Activate the Add-on

Login to Checkfront and find the integration in Manage > Add Ons.
See detailed instructions here

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Build Your Workflow

Choose the right trigger to get the ball rolling. Add multiple steps using the simple form fill.
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Automate your tasks, and your bookings.