Visualizing Your Booking Funnel with Google Analytics

May 14, 2015, Mia Steinberg
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Google Analytics and Checkfront are a marriage made in data heaven. If you’ve used the app, you know that there are a few steps to booking something; customers must choose their item, put in their information, and are taken to a payment page followed by a receipt page. With Analytics, you can see through the booking process step by step, tracking views and visits to each page. It can help you understand how many people are viewing your items versus how many are ultimately converting into paying customers, and where they may be changing their minds.

If you’ve already enabled Google Universal Analytics in Checkfront you can create your own funnel to track the booking process, step by step, by going to the Admin tab at the top of the dashboard and clicking on Goals, followed by “Create New Goal”. Give it a name (we chose Confirmed Bookings), and pick its type—in this case, a destination goal, since we’re looking to track users until they reach a specific URL at the end of the line. Identify the destination URL (“/checkfront/receipt/”) and turn the Funnel slider to ON.

The next page will ask you to fill in the steps customers will take before landing at the destination. Fill in the following:


Booking data report from Google Analytics

Note: When you mark a first step as required, the report only includes conversions that pass through that required step.

Of course, if you have a landing page (for a PPC campaign, for instance) you could set it as the first step (required) in the funnel to determine its effectiveness in getting conversions.

When you’ve added all the pages, click on “Verify goal” and Analytics will comb your data from the last seven days to give you an estimation of your likely conversion rate for this funnel. Create the goal and it will begin tracking your visitors immediately. When you want to view the funnel, go to Conversions > Funnel Visualization. It will show you where people are dropping off during the booking process, and how many are seeing a booking all the way through.

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