Checkfront Inc launches new Online Booking System

April 27, 2010, Jason Morehouse

Victoria, BC — Checkfront Inc. launched its cloud-based online booking system today.

Checkfront™ is a feature-rich online booking system that allows businesses to manage their inventories, centralize reservations, and process payments. It can be used to manage accommodation, events, rentals and professional service bookings.

Checkfront Booking Console

“Centralized reservation and booking systems have traditionally been expensive and cumbersome technologies to navigate.” says Jason Morehouse, Co-Founder. “We are firm advocates of cloud computing and believe the Saas (Software-as-a-service) model will revolutionize the industry. Our core focus has been on building a powerful, ‘usable’ platform that is accessible to a broad range of businesses.”

“We’ve had a very positive beta campaign with over 1500 businesses participating. Admittedly, the product we started out building is different than what we’ve arrived at, but we really let our beta customers help define it.”

Checkfront integrates into popular CMS products including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Movable Type. It was recently selected for inclusion in the Google App Marketeplace and Facebook application directory. Unlike existing solutions, Checkfront focuses on keeping customers on the merchant’s website, while providing a powerful and secure back-office solution for managing customers, inventory and reporting.

As a fully managed solution, Checkfront includes automated updates, backups and industry leading security on a high speed, high availability network. It has support for 24 currencies, multiple payment gateways and languages.

Start your free 21 day trial of Checkfront today!

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