New Add-on Brings OTA & Channel Management to Checkfront

by Mia Steinberg

chartFor accommodation providers, listing properties online can be a tricky and difficult line to walk. There are many different channels or online travel agencies (OTAs) – think, Expedia, Airbnb, etc. – available which can help you sell your rooms; they are huge websites visited by millions of customers each year. According to Phocuswright, when asked their typical purchase method for lodging, 31% of respondents indicated they use OTAs. It’s advantageous to list your properties on these sites and get the increased traffic, but trying to manage your products across multiple locations can be a huge hassle. There are two options: either you portion out your properties so that each one is only listed on one or two websites, or you roll the dice and list everything on every site. With the former option, you may miss out on sales that would have been made if your property was listed elsewhere; with the latter, you risk double-bookings or other hectic confusions. When someone books on, you need to go through every other place where your accommodation is listed and mark it as unavailable—it’s annoying, time-consuming, and easy to make mistakes.

With MyAllocator, you can list your property across multiple channels without the hassle. It creates a central pool of rates and availability, and automatically updates your listings across the board when a booking is made.

For Checkfront users, MyAllocator is a new add-on that will add your own website bookings into the MyAllocator pool. You can log on, configure the items to map into your MyAllocator rooms, and it will automatically update pricing and availability based on your Checkfront data. MyAllocator will also send that information to all of your other configured channels. MyAllocator downloads new bookings from those external channels and syncs them over to Checkfront, where they are listed as “External bookings” in the system.

In order to connect MyAllocator with Checkfront, go to Manage > Add-Ons and click ‘Setup‘. You will be asked to input your MyAllocator username and password. Then, under the ‘Options‘ drop-down, select ‘Lock items in booking notices from external channels‘ and click ‘Update‘.

myallocator setup

You must log into MyAllocator and add your rooms/accommodations in the back end. It’s easiest if you give them similar or identical names to the listings in Checkfront, so that you can map them over without confusion.

Myallocator rooms

Once you’ve added your rooms in MyAllocator, go back to Checkfront and click on one of your items. Go to the Advanced tab and you should see a prompt to sync the accommodation with MyAllocator. Select the matching suite in the Room Type drop-down menu, and hit Save. You should then see a calendar layout showing the room’s availability and rates, as imported from MyAllocator.

myallocator mapping

Whenever you make a change in Checkfront, such as a pricing adjustment or a new booking, MyAllocator will update the status in its Availability tab. Availability changes will then update across your other connected channels when you click ‘Full Refresh’.

Please note: MyAllocator does charge a monthly fee but in return opens the door for bookings from multiple channels, including

  • 9Flats
  • Agoda
  • Airbnb
  • AsiaRooms
  • BBPlanet
  • BestDay*
  • BookingMarkets
  • BudgetPlaces
  • CityBreak
  • ClearTrip*
  • CTrip*
  • Decolar*
  • EasyToBook
  • Ebab
  • Ebay
  • Egencia
  • eLong*
  • Escapio
  • Expedia
  • FlipKey
  • Gomio
  • GTA*
  • HiHostel
  • HostelClub
  • HostelCulture
  • Hostel Rocket
  • HostelTimes
  • HostelTraveler
  • HostelWorld
  • HotelAdvisor
  • HotelClub
  • HRS
  • InItalia
  • InstantWorldBooking
  • LateRooms
  • Liberate
  • MalaPronta
  • Open Travel Exchange
  • Orbitz
  • Ostrovok
  • Reconline
  • Roomorama*
  • Tourico*
  • Travel Republic
  • Travelocity*
  • TUI travel
  • Wimdu
  • YourSpainHostel

(* indicates coming soon)

For more information on MyAllocator, please visit their website here. For a lengthier step-by-step guide on using Checkfront with this service, visit our MyAllocator support document.