Introducing Our New Item Builder

In addition to the many feature requests we receive daily, our product team is always on the lookout for areas needing refinement; hunting down parts of the app where the flow could just be a little… better. Lately, we’ve been looking at our item and pricing setup; talking with existing customers and reviewing the first interactions they have with this part of Checkfront. With our latest release, version 3.6, we’re pleased to introduce our new item builder.

The item builder is a walk-through setup process that streamlines the creation of items and pricing structures. Where the old setup process had us flipping back and forth between ‘Events’ (now relabelled as ‘Item Events‘ to reduce confusion for people whose businesses are events) and the item to configure pricing, now all that functionality is accessible directly from within the item builder.

The old fields and functions are still available but some may now appear under ‘advanced options’ so that they’re out of the way unless you need really need them.

We were planning to roll the item builder in with our next major release, but thought we’d push it up a bit for those of you who haven’t made your holiday season pricing changes yet.  If the feedback we’ve been getting from our early testers is any indication, this is going to provide a much better experience. Our favourite comment so far? “Brilliant, it’s so simple.”

Here’s a quick preview:

Checkfront item builder, streamlined configuration options, navigation, page functions, onside help

We’re excited to collect your feedback on this streamlined setup but also understand some of you may not be ready to make the switch today. So, while we’ve made the inventory builder the default process for all accounts, and want to encourage you to start using it, for the next few weeks so we’ll also be providing a link to the old setup pages under the ‘Legacy Editor’ link near the page title.

Other Features Included in the v3.6 Release:

  • Applying taxes/fees to specific categories or items is now simpler
    Now whenever you set up a new tax/fee in Checkfront, it will not be universally added to all existing items; you’ll be able to choose specifically which categories and items it applies from within the tax setup screen.
  • More Languages…
    Every month we seem to add businesses in new regions around the world. More regions = more languages. With this release we’re pleased to now support Belarusian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Dari, Farsi, Greek, Korean, Pashto, Romanian, and Tajik. Booking page content can now be translated into all of these languages.
  • …and More Currencies
    The Afghan Afghani, Zambian Kwacha, Belarusian Ruble, Bulgarian Lev, Croatian Kuna, Iranian Rial, and Tajikistani Somoni join our long list of 60+ currencies.

For more information on Checkfront v3.6, see our full updates log here, and if you have any questions, please reach out to our our amazing support team.

Please note: Some nodes may be on a different version of the platform while we roll out v3.6 over the next few days. You’ll find your current version listed under Manage > System in your account. 

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