How to Customize Wording on Your Booking Page

Checkfront is pleased to operate in a wide variety of languages and offer a huge amount of customization to the booking application. There are many small tips and tricks you can use to really make Checkfront your own, including creating a custom translation pack in order to change some of the default text that would otherwise be uneditable. This is highly useful for those who wish to provide very specific wordings on their booking pages, and here’s how to do it. As an example, we will change the words “New Booking” to “New Reservation”:

New booking copy on booking page
New reservation copy on booking page

In order to customize default strings, you must have a paid plan, which will give you access to the Languages add-on. This can be enabled by going to Manage > Add-ons and selecting it under the service add-on tab. A new window will pop up showing you the available language translations we have so far. On the left sidebar there is an option called ‘Create Private Translation’; click it, and a window will pop up. This creates a copy of whichever language you select, and that ‘translation’ is only editable by you; you can revert back to the default whenever you wish.

Creating private translation in Checkfront

Once the copy has been made, click on it in the languages list and you will be able to search for various strings and provide your alternative wording. In this case we’re looking for ‘New Booking’. It’s important to remember that the strings are case sensitive, so if you want to change the phrase across the board you’ll have to change a few different instances in which the phrase ‘New Booking’ appears—in this case, we’ll have to change both “New Booking” and “New Booking for”. Once you have made your changes, hit ‘Save’.

Language string search in Checkfront

Next, you’ll have to activate the new language pack. Go to Manage > Setup > Locale, and select your new language copy from the drop-down list of languages. Save the changes, and your new wordings will take effect across your site.

Creating custom strings can go a long way towards customizing the Checkfront app and really making it your own. It can be helpful for people who operate in places without currently supported translation packs, and it can help to create a truly one-of-a-kind experience for increasing your booking conversion.

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