Accept Online Bookings with Facebook

Get up and running in a matter of minutes.

Take Checkfront Bookings Right From Your Facebook Page! Checkfront's Facebook App lets you book online bookings and social promotions right into your company Facebook page.

Online Bookings with Facebook

Checkfront & Facebook: A Perfect Fit

  • Integrated analytics – see real time statistics on your booking queries without leaving Facebook.
  • SSL encrypted booking page.
  • In-app purchases — your customers stay within Facebook for the entire booking process.
  • Optionally apply an instant discount to customers that book from your Facebook page.
  • Improved conversion tracking tied into our new promotional reports.

To view the App in action check out our demo page.


  1. To install the App: Visit Us on Facebook
  2. If you like what you see (and want more), please consider contributing a review on our Application page.
  3. Looking for tips on how to do business on Facebook? Check out How to use Facebook to get more bookings from our blog.
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