Does Your Homepage Pass our Booking Check?

June 1, 2017, Taylor Odgers

Have you ever checked your homepage conversion rate? Do you know what a good conversion rate is for a travel site is? Do you know what a conversion rate is?

If you answered no to any or all of those questions, that’s okay. We’re here to help.

If you answered yes to all of them, you can go ahead and take the quiz.

Your booking conversion rate is the number of people that make a booking divided by the number of people that landed on your site.

The average homepage conversion rate for a travel and hospitality site is 2.4%, Airbnb’s is 10.2%!!

So how do you take your homepage from blah to I NEED TO BOOK NOW!?

The Anatomy of a Booking Homepage


There are certain elements of your homepage that make it easier for visitors to find the information they are looking for and guide themselves to make a booking.

While this test won’t find your conversion rate for you (you have to calculate that yourself), it is a good gut check to ensure you have all the elements you need.

So how good is your homepage? Take the test to find out.

If you scored above 95, you are a homepage master. Congrats!

If you scored above 80, you are on the right track and could improve your conversion rate with a couple of additional tweaks.

If you scored 65 and above you have all the key elements of a homepage and should have an average conversion rate.

If you scored less than 50, you are missing essential elements from your homepage and probably aren’t seeing a very high conversion rate.

How did you do?

Want to learn how you can improve your homepage? Check out our free guide.

Complete Guide to Online Bookings

Create the perfect homepage to get bookings

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