Creating Advanced Discounts With Group Pricing

There are a variety of ways you can create discounts and dynamic pricing in Checkfront. The Group Pricing option is a very easy, often overlooked feature that can be arranged right on your item’s pricing page—no discounts, rules, or special events required.

Why (and how) to use group pricing?

Often, business owners will encourage larger groups to book their services by offering a discount based on how many people book at once, or how many hours are reserved. Group pricing allows you to apply these changes instantly, and a customer will see them update in real time on the booking form.

As an example, let’s look at a tour company that wants to charge $50/person for groups with 1-5 attendees, and $40/person for 6-10 people. This encourages larger groups to book all at once, because they get a better per-person rate. It could also be a good way to put on a small sale or promotion without breaking the bank. To create these two pricing tiers, go to the item in your inventory and click on the Pricing tab; There will be a small table with “Qty” on the left and the Base price on the right. Under the Qty label you will see a link to Add Group; a window will pop up and prompt you for a quantity range.

The first group you should create is the first tier, which in our case will be for 1-5 people. There are two options beneath the range selector: Price Per Quantity, and Price Per Group. The former sets a charge for each booking—by hour, item, or day. The latter applies one singular price to the entire group range; if selected, it would charge a $50 flat rate for any group up to five people. If you want to charge per person, leave the radio button on the Price Per Quantity option. Save the group, and you’ll be able to set the price in the Event/Base table. Once your first group has been created, you can repeat the steps to create the second group for the 6-10 range. Pricing groups can be removed by clicking on the number range and hitting “Remove” in the lower left corner of the pop-up window.

Setting pricing groups in Checkfront

With these two group price options, a customer who books this tour will see a $50 rate for the first five people they book; as soon as they roll over to the sixth, the rate for all six people will change to be $40 each. At this time there is no way to apply a discounted rate to just that sixth person, and keep the first five at $50 each.

Pricing for 5 adults on walking tour on booking page
Group pricing for 7 adults booking a walking tour on booking page

Other uses and examples

Group pricing can be very helpful for many different businesses. You can apply group pricing to different parameters; for example, creating group rates for adults and separate group rates for kids, all at different price points. A rent-a-desk service may give a discounted rate for booking for the entire day, and an accommodation could provide an incentive for guests to stay an extra day or two. The “Price Per Group” option can also be extremely helpful in certain situations. If the example tour has only fifteen slots open per outing, it can use the Price Per Group to give a special flat rate for bookings of fifteen people, and still have the pricing tiers for smaller group bookings. Group pricing is a great way to provide your customers with a dynamic option and give them incentive to book a certain quantity or length of time—and that means more business for you.

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