Are You Benefitting from Facebook’s ‘Book Now’ Button?

by Mia Steinberg

If you’re using the Checkfront plugin for Facebook already, you know that having the “Online Bookings” tab prominently displayed at the top of the page is very useful. It allows customers to book right on your page, without leaving the site and perhaps getting distracted or abandoning the product. But Facebook has added another way you can prompt customers, through a call to action button that sits right on your cover image—front and center and very appealing. Here’s how to set it up.

1: Log onto your Facebook page’s admin panel and hit “Create Call-to-Action”


2: Select your call to action and add your website’s URL

We like “Book Now”, obviously, but there are a handful of options from which to choose. When it comes to the URL, don’t point customers to your homepage; take them directly to your reservations page (our example: where the Checkfront app shows up. You want to streamline the process as much as possible and avoid distractions or any extra clicks.


3: Choose a Destination for Mobile Users

If you haven’t created a unique app for your business, leave both the iOS and Android options on “Website”

facebook cta 3

4: Save changes and track your conversions


Once it’s set up, you can see and track how many people have clicked on your call to action; it is reported on the sidebar on the right-hand side of your admin panel.

With a prominent call to action button on your Facebook business page, you will encourage more customers to engage with you and purchase your products. It’s a quick way to increase both traffic and conversions, so create one today!

Please note: Facebook is still rolling this feature out, so it is possible that some pages will not have the create call-to-action option available yet.

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