Checkfront’s New Android App is Out!

Following on the heels of the Checkfront mobile app we released for iOS in August, we’re now pleased to offer the matching update for Android.  This new version reveals a major update to improve usability, reflect current branding and provide a new framework for feature additions to come.

Android Checkfront App

For anyone who hasn’t tried our mobile app, here’s an idea of what it now offers:

  • NEW! Create bookings in-app.
  • View current and upcoming bookings.
  • Search bookings by customer, booking ID or date.
  • QR code scanner for quick access to bookings.
  • Check-in and check-out bookings.
  • NEW! Manually record payments.
  • View and update booking notes.
  • Quickly contact customers by email or phone.
  • Create and view global bookmarks.
  • View booking receipts.
  • Quick access to Checkfront email and phone support.

The new Checkfront Online Booking app for Android is available here, via the Google Play Store.

Google Play button

Please note: there are currently two versions of our app in the Google Play Store. The new version requires Android 4.1 and up, and will add a new app to your device, rather than updating the existing one (which you can remove).

You can confirm you are downloading the new app by verifying the version number and recent update under ‘additional information’ in the Google Play listing.


Many more features are on the way, so please share your feedback and suggestions with our support team.

Happy Friday mobile bookings day!

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