Checkfront v3.4 is Here!

Checkfront 3.4 is here, and with it comes a new integration, security measures, and better reports. Here’s a breakdown of what’s new and what’s changed.

Please note: Some nodes may be on a different version of the platform while we roll out. You’ll find your current version listed under Manage > System in your account. 

Two-factor authentication

We’ve made two-factor authentication available for all Checkfront accounts. This is an opt-in feature, but we recommend that all users enable it if they can. We explain two-factor authentication in another blog post, but it is a security measure that increases your protection against password theft and account fraud. With two-factor authentication enabled, you will receive a text message with a code every time you log in to a new device, and must input that code before proceeding.

New menu bar and search

This change applies to trial accounts and those who opt in to the new look. Most of the menus are the same; the Profile, Billing, Support and Logout options are now under a new menu with your name as the title. Our search bar has also been revamped for a cleaner, more user-friendly look and feel. Users can opt into or out of this menu by going to Manage > Setup > Configuration.

Accessing account menu in new Checkfront dashboard

New sales report

This report will tell you a lot about your sales for a given time period, including the item quantities, discounts, gross and net sales, and taxes. It can be accessed through Reports > Sales, and like all Checkfront reports can be exported to a number of different formats for offline viewing.

Cash out report update

We’ve made our cash-out report a lot more detailed, so that you can track your transactions even more efficiently. We’ve added three new tables to the report: “Accounts Receivable Received” pertains to payments received on bookings ending prior to the report date; “Unearned Revenue” is for payments received for bookings starting after the report date; and “Deposits Redeemed” shows partial payments for bookings which start on the report date. You can see who has paid you and whether their bookings are coming up or have already passed. To access this new version of the report, go to Reports > Cash-out.

International Twilio

Twilio now works for international customers. Please update your phone number in the database by going to Account > Profile and re-entering your number.


The MyAllocator integration is now out of beta and available to everyone. MyAllocator is  service which can sync your properties across multiple sales channels online. It’s a great way for accommodation owners to keep track of their bookings and get the most out of the available reservation sites like AirBnB, Expedia, LonelyPlanet,, and many more. You can enable MyAllocator through the Add-Ons menu in the Checkfront app, and find out more at

Please note many of the channels offered by MyAllocator are limited to hospitality businesses. For our Tour & Activity operators look for our upcoming Viator integration channel.

VEND POS integration (Limited Beta)

Vend logo

Vend is a point-of-sale (POS) system that operates entirely through HTML 5; like Checkfront, it is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service platform. We are now able to offer a limited beta of our Vend add-on; existing Vend users can contact for more information on how to integrate their accounts with Checkfront.

For a complete list of the changes included in Checkfront v3.4 and prior releases, please visit our update center.

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