Checkfront Awarded Technology Company of the Year at 2017 VIATEC Awards

June 12, 2017, Taylor Odgers

Checkfront is proudly home-grown in Victoria, British Columbia.  From the micro beers in our fridge to our love of outdoors and obsession with coffee, we’re all quintessential West Coasters. We’re very much a product of our environment, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

VIATEC (Victoria Innovation, Advanced Technology, and Entrepreneurship Council) works tirelessly to connect the people, knowledge, and resources needed to keep this sector thriving. They are the lifeblood of our community bringing awareness, investment, and mentorship into “Techtoria.” The awards are just one of many events the council hosts for its members, but it’s by far the most elaborate.

The sold out, Tiki Time Machine-themed, show celebrated the achievements of the companies and individuals responsible for the growth of this one-of-a-kind community. There were 48 finalists in 12 categories. Checkfront was in good company surrounded by Victoria’s best tech companies.

The award marks Checkfront’s second consecutive win, after taking home Product of the Year in 2016. We’ve undergone some very exciting changes in the past year that have led us to this point.

We’ve grown from 26 employees in January 2016, to 51 as of June 2017 bumping us into the 50+ category. As a result, we outgrew our old office and moved into a brand new 3500 square foot space— that still feels too small at times. We’ve expanded our executive, marketing, success, and sales team with no sign of slowing down anytime soon.  With over 3,600 customers worldwide, Checkfront influences the success and growth of businesses across the globe, however, contributing to the prosperity of Victoria’s tourism, and technology sector, remains a focus.

We count ourselves lucky to be able to live and work in this beautiful area. When the rubber hits the road, we draw inspiration from the innovative spirit that courses through the veins of our vibrant city. We can’t imagine Checkfront thriving anywhere else.

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