Checkfront and Contemporary Website Design

by Grant Jurgeneit

Web design has undergone a rapid transformation in the last few years, ever since the introduction of smart phones and tablet devices like the iPad. People can now access your website from wherever they happen to be, on whichever device they choose to use. And that in turn means that your website needs to be ready for them.

Checkfront has been designed to function effectively within these new types of websites, which use an approach called ‘responsive design’. What this means is that your website automatically ‘responds’ to display a version of your site that is optimized for the device that is viewing it.

A great example of responsive design is Wildcoast, a kayaking company in British Columbia who launched their site late last year on The website was built by Vancouver web design agency Drive Digital, showcasing Wildcoast’s story by using beautiful imagery of the BC coastline. This also highlights a recent design trend—using imagery as part of the design—to give website visitors a rich, immersive experience which tells the brand’s story—after all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Using Checkfront on the site allows visitors to check pricing and availability, which are two of the essential items on a visitor’s mind when they are searching your site. With site visitors now increasingly coming in from different time zones, it means they can book through the site without needing to speak to anyone on the phone—a great benefit when people are booking holidays over long distances.

The Wildcoast site reflects this trend towards international bookings, translating the site content into 13 languages to offer increased international support. All of this translates directly into return on investment, especially if you are paying for traffic to your website; driving the conversions is, of course, the key.

The integration of Checkfront as the booking engine was also key in reducing our administration requirements, and all in all we’re very happy with the service.

Kristen at WildCoast said,”During the web design process, Drive recommended integrating services to meet our needs such as a CMS, booking engine and translation tool. They sourced Checkfront for the booking engine, which proved to be very user friendly and has become a central part of our day to day operations. We have received many compliments about our website design from the many kayakers who visit the site. The integration of Checkfront as the booking engine was also key in reducing our administration requirements, and all in all we’re very happy with the service.”

WildCoast schedules regular trips from Campbell River BC. Don’t miss your opperunity to Kayak with Killer Whales on your next visit to British Columbia (don’t forget to pre-book!).Colin Mansell is a Managing Partner at Drive Digital in Vancouver, BC.

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