Travel Review Sites For Tour Operators

We’ve been talking a lot about travel reviews lately.

How to ask for customer feedback by email.

What to say when you reply to customer positive feedback.

And how to respond to a bad Yelp review.

We even asked some of top reviewers on TripAdvisor to share their review process.

The only thing we haven’t gone over is all the sites you can list your business on to get reviews. So, here are the review sites every tour operator should be on.


TripAdvisor logo

What you need to know:

TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel site. It boasts 500+ million reviews for 7+ million listings and attracts over 390 million unique monthly active users. Contributors rate a business on a 5-star scale and can leave a detailed review of their experience. Other contributors can then vote if a review was helpful or not. The forum is the go-to place for travelers to decide where to stay, how to fly, what to do and where to eat. And good news! You can find out how to get a TripAdvisor best value ranking.

How to Sign Up: Register your business here
Cost to Join: free!


Yelp logo

What you need to know:

Yelp is an online Review and Recommendations Site for Restaurants, Shopping, Nightlife, Entertainment, Services and More. Tour and activity operators typically overlook it, but with 139 million monthly visitors you should be paying attention. Yelp listings come up in Google search results, and Apple uses Yelp to populate their map data. Another advantage to getting on Yelp sooner rather than later is that there is less saturation than TripAdvisor.

How to Sign Up: Register your business here
Cost to Join: Free

Google My Business

Google-My-Business logo

What you need to know:

Google My Business allows you to manage all the business information that appears on Search and Google Maps. For local searches, Google will display nearby businesses and list things such as their address, phone number, hours of operation and of course online reviews. It’s a great way to attract last-minute reservations from travelers searching for things to do nearby. Higher ratings will increase the chances of people clicking through to your profile.

How to Sign Up: Register your business here.
Cost to Join: Free

Facebook Business Reviews

Facebook Business logo

What you need to know:

A Facebook Business page is an excellent way to connect with your customers and increase your online sales. It’s also another great place to collect reviews. Facebook users can like your page, share it with their friends, rate your business on a 5 Star scale and leave comments. A smart way increase your Facebook reviews is to use your page as a hub for customer photos. Guests will check back on the page once they get home and reminisce the memories they created— and hopefully share them with others.

How to Sign Up: Register your business here
Cost to Join: Free

The Online Travel Agents

OTA’s aren’t your typical review site, but if you are selling your tours, activities, experiences, etc. on their marketplace, high ratings can increase your chances of success.

Expedia Local Expert

Expedia Local Expert Logo

What you need to know:

Expedia is an online travel site where you can list and book flights, vacation packages, hotels, cars, cruises, and activities. Their site receives 90 million unique visitors and 1.2 billion monthly site page views. Expedia verifies each review and listings are filtered based on popularity which is a factor or their 5-star rating system and frequency of purchase. Guests can also vote if they would recommend an experience to others and the total gets displayed as a percentage.

How to Sign Up: Sign your business up here
Cost to Join: This information is not publicly available.
Bonus: Checkfront offers an easy integration that allows you to sell your inventory on Expedia.


Viator Logo

What you need to know:

Viator is another online travel agent and marketplace where travelers can book and rate tours, activities and other experiences. TripAdvisor recently purchased the OTA, which means it will gain access to their 350 million unique visitors per month. Viator only allows verified users to leave reviews to ensure quality. Guests rate their experience on a 5 Star scale and are encouraged to leave comments. Viator lists search results based on popularity.

How to Sign Up: Fill out their ultra simple form here. It can be a lengthy process, but Viator offers 24/7 support to help you out if you encounter any problems.
Cost to Join: Signing up is free, and they only charge commission on successful sales.
Bonus: Checkfront offers an easy integration that allows you to connect your inventory to Viator instantly.


Orbitz Logo

What you Need to Know:

Orbitz is another OTA. They reach 20 million unique visitors a month were recently purchased by Expedia $1.3 billion. Rather than leaving reviews, guests are asked to submit how satisfied they were with the experience and if they would recommend it to others. The preview for the listing shows this percentage.

How to Sign Up: Sign up here
Cost to Join: This information is not publicly available.

So which review site is best for you?

You want to walk before you run so if you are just starting out, I recommend you focus your energy on TripAdvisor and work up from there. When it comes to asking for reviews (more on that later), the best thing to do is let your customers decide where to post. Remind guests where you are active by displaying the platform icons on your website, in your storefront, and in your emails and ask guests to leave share their experience on their favorite.

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