Checkfront Accepted into Google Cloud Accelerator

Today, we’re happy to announce a collaboration with Google Cloud Platform that will combine the power of Google’s infrastructure with Checkfront. Google Cloud is used by great companies such as Shopify, Snapchat, Wix and FullStory.

Google Cloud Platfrom logo

Under the program, Google has generously contributed $100,000 to help grow our infrastructure so that we can continue to scale our real-time online booking system. Additionally, Google is working directly with our team for technical training, architecture overviews and mentorship.

We know how absolutely critical the uptime and availability of your Checkfront account is to your business. We believe this is a great step forward in ensuring the continued performance and availability of your Checkfront account. Investing in this infrastructure expansion will allow us to continue to scale our service, along with our growing customer base.

With Google we operate on a distributed, decentralized global network to ensure optimal performance and minimize service interruption. Our data centres include 4 separate geographic locations in the United States, as well as multiple cloud instances in the UK and Asia.

Many thanks to our friends at ViaTec who helped make this happen.

map of checkfront's customers 2016
Checkfront Customers (merchants) served by Google Cloud

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