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By Erick Tomaliwan

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Today’s the day! We’re so excited to announce the launch of our GetYourGuide integration. Now, you can reach social media savvy travelers, gain long-lasting brand recognition, and take bookings while updating your availability automatically. 

Introducing our GetYourGuide integration

Here at Checkfront, we’re committed to connecting operators to a broad online travel ecosystem. Providing channel integrations to ViatorExpedia Local Expert, and more, we’re thrilled to add another top-performer for you to leverage while easily managing your bookings. 

GetYourGuide integration in Checkfront app

With the GetYourGuide integration, you can quickly upload your products to the marketplace and let Checkfront do the rest. Using self-mapping, Checkfront will automatically sync your availability and inventory in real-time — whether you get bookings from GetYourGuide, your website, or other connected channels. 

That said, here’s what you need to know about the live integration:

  1. It’s available to all Checkfront plans — including Flex
  2. GetYourGuide is best for operators who sell day tours, activities, and experiences. Find out whether you’re a good fit
  3. Set-up is fast and straightforward in both Checkfront and GetYourGuide
  4. GetYourGuide will send booking notifications and invoices, as well as handle cancellations
  5. You can also send Digital Waivers and Guest Forms by setting up a custom status and trigger in Checkfront
  6. Staff-side invoices will show GetYourGuide as a reference
  7. For reporting, you can see GetYourGuide bookings in Checkfront’s Booking Index 

How to connect Checkfront & GetYourGuide

If you are new to Checkfront, you can request a demo and check out the GetYourGuide integration, as well as everything else you can do in our booking management platform.

GetYourGuide among other Checkfront integrations

If you’re already using Checkfront, just follow these steps:

  1. Activate the add-on in your Checkfront account, under ManageIntegrations, and then Channels — nothing will happen until you finish set-up in GetYourGuide
  2. Sign-up for GetYourGuide, if you haven’t yet — it’s free to register, and the application process is short and sweet
  3. Follow the steps in GetYourGuide’s Supplier Portal to create your account, upload your products, and connect to Checkfront
  4. Start taking bookings on GetYourGuide!

For more information about our GetYourGuide integration with detailed set-up instructions, please see our Knowledge Base article. 

Benefits of selling on GetYourGuide

Founded in 2008, GetYourGuide is a fast-growing online travel agent (OTA) that promotes tours, activities, nightlife, cooking classes, attractions and more. First becoming popular in Europe, the Berlin start-up has sold over 25 million tickets in 170 countries and is now a global company backed by $654.4 million in total funding.

Part of this incredible growth points to the fact that GetYourGuide has built a strong reputation as the place to discover share-worthy things to do. With a catalogue of around 50,000 offerings — including its very own Originals — travelers trust GetYourGuide for booking travel experiences they’ll want to tell the world about. 

That’s why GetYourGuide is one of the top online marketplaces for tour and activity operators. By selling on GetYourGuide, you can deliver on that expectation, build credibility and elevate your brand through association, while benefiting in the following ways:

1. Show up more places online

On top of its website and app, GetYourGuide has a strong partner network with leading distributors, online platforms, and travel agents that will promote your products, too. Think of it as free marketing since GetYourGuide only takes a commission on successful bookings.

2. Boost brand exposure ten-fold

The best OTA marketing strategy is getting your brand in front of a massive audience. With GetYourGuide, you can reach over 25 million travelers who are likely to share their adventures with you on social media. That means even more brand exposure for you!

The GetYourGuide journey

3. Appeal to a global audience

You might get travelers from all over the world. But personalizing the experience to their first language can be a challenge. Luckily, GetYourGuide makes this easier by translating your listing into 14 languages and offering multilingual, 24/7 Customer Care support. 

4. Make your listing stand out

GetYourGuide wants to see you find success. So, they provide a bunch of free tools — including analytics, translation services, optimization tips and more. You can also upload photos and share information that will help convert GetYourGuide users into paid guests.

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