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By Angela Heald

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When booking a tour or activity online, many travellers feel like they may be jumping into the great unknown. In most cases (especially when traveling to an unfamiliar place), they’re taking a bit of a leap of faith, trusting that the operators are legitimate and that the activity will pan out as advertised. One way in which you can ease this fear is to list your activity on OTAs (Online Travel Agents) and align with brands that are already trusted and preferred by travellers.

Connect to millions of new travelers with Viator and Checkfront

Viator, a Sydney-based company recently acquired by TripAdvisor, has emerged as the solution to this problem. They have created a curated, on-the-ground approach to tours and activities, and work with local suppliers to offer the very best of each and every destination. For business owners in the tourism industry, a listing on Viator will vastly increase their reach and visibility, along with bringing in online bookings directly through the system.

Checkfront is now supporting a Viator add-on, which will allow users to map their inventory directly onto their products in Viator and keep track of bookings made through Businesses (or suppliers) can become part of the Marketplace platform, exposing their business to 11 million monthly visitors on Viator and 340 million visitors on TripAdvisor. Setup is quick and free; once your application is accepted, suppliers are able to create brochure pages and original content to make their tours or activities stand out from the crowd.

There are no fees to appear on Viator; businesses provide the service with net rates calculated at a discount off the best-published rate, and Viator takes a small commission with every sale. You can create products, assign block-out periods, and track all of your bookings through detailed reports and filters. Viator allows for two different types of bookings: Freesale and On Request. Freesale bookings do not require any confirmation on your part; your customer can simply book whatever they like, on the spot. On Request bookings require confirmation or rejection by the supplier. As with Checkfront, you are able to assign multiple users in Viator, who can have varying access to products, tabs, and reports.

Tapping into distribution channels is an essential strategy for business growth. Listing your tour or activity on Viator offers access to a new channel, giving businesses a huge audience of millions of potential new customers.

Here’s how to activate the Viator integration.

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