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By Erick Tomaliwan

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Checkfront comes with features that manage the workflow of your axe throwing business. There’s no lumbering around when your team has so much on the go. To reduce workload and streamline day to day operations, Checkfront automates a few essential administrative tasks.

Here are some best suited for axe throwing:

Built-In digital waivers

With any sports related activity, there is always a level of risk the business assumes. Along with conducting thorough safety demonstrations, Axe Throwing businesses should protect themselves by having each participant sign a liability waiver in the off chance an accident occurs.

This process is necessary but takes up a considerable amount of time. When a group arrives, they’re all handed an individual waiver — which takes an extra few minutes because pens and paper are passed around. And as you know, the bigger the group, the more time it takes.

Since the customer is paying for a time slot, they won’t be happy with a shorter session due to the time taken at check-in. Even if you advise the group to come fifteen minutes early, there’s bound to be a few stragglers who show up late.

How to use Checkfront's digital waivers for axe throwing businesses

A digital waiver is the best tool to complete this customer requirement promptly. When someone makes a booking, they’re able to sign the waiver online at any time, on any device. And the private document page can easily be distributed to everyone in the group before check-in.

Checkfront’s native digital waivers have no third-party cost and can be signed on a couple of tablets at the front desk. That way, if there are any missing signatures, you can collect them quickly without printing any paper at the office — and later stuffing into a filing cabinet.

To keep the number of forgetful axe throwers down, it’s helpful to send automated reminders…which brings us to the next point.

SMS and email notifications

It’s essential to build rapport with your customers because in-person interactions help create unforgettable experiences. A friendly greeting and intentional conversations increase the chance of your customers walking away eager to leave a positive review — which notifications can remind them to do.

But this level of customer service shouldn’t be contained in your brick and mortar store. Having online bookings means the relationship with your customer starts on the day of booking. Email or text communication is needed to tell the customer what to bring (drinks, food or ID), remind them to sign the digital waiver, and thank them for participating.

The time it takes to type up individual messages adds up quickly for every upcoming or newly trained axe thrower; you’d have to hire an employee dedicated to this task full-time. Even if you copy and paste, that’s still time your team can spend on other tasks. So instead, let an online booking system handle this for you.

In Checkfront, you can set up notifications to automatically send according to a customer’s current booking status. For example, if their invoice is stuck in deposit status, an email can be sent to remind them of payment — it automatically collects money for you.

These emails can be crafted the way you want by inputting the body of text and applying to any of your categories. There are also various email variables included to keep these messages personal — like {$CUSTOMER_FIRST_NAME} and {$BOOKING_DATE}.

How to use notifications in Checkfront for axe throwing businesses

When you’re happy with the final design, all you have to do is hit save, and Checkfront will send these out when it’s supposed to. It might take you some time to configure the notifications initially, but once they’re created, you never have to send one of these emails again.

As for SMS notifications, Checkfront integrates with Twilio so you can send text messages to both customers and staff regarding any booking.

Gift certificates

After someone finishes their first axe throwing session, they’ll want to share it with others because of the amazing time they had. That’s why it’s a perfect gift for any occasion — especially if it’s followed by a woodsy-themed gift basket with items like plaid suspenders and maple syrup.

And gift certificates aren’t only beneficial for the customer — they’re great at generating extra income for your business.

Most of the time, the recipient forgets about the certificate and neglects to redeem before the expiry date — which means pure profit on your end. It’s also a predictable way to earn money during holidays in the offseason. And if someone does choose to use it, they’ll be tempted to buy merchandise or other available offerings because they didn’t spend their budget on the activity.

Of course, gift certificates cost money to produce, ship and maintain — it can be challenging to turn plastic into profit. So Checkfront has a solution!

Checkfront's gift certificates for axe throwing businesses

We make it easy to create gift certificates to send out electronically (as a PDF attachment to an email). Using this feature, you can customize the certificate’s name, price, expiry date, and theme, as well as add your company logo.  The gift certificate is available as a bookable item and with customized delivery dates, can be sent to the recipient on the day of the occasion.

At any time before the expiry date, the recipient can redeem by adding the certificate’s value to any of your axe throwing events. You’ll receive a new customer and an increase in sales. It’s a gift for everyone!

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