Announcing Checkfront v3.3.2

February 16, 2015, Mia Steinberg

We’re pleased to report a new update which rolled out over Valentine’s weekend, as a gesture of our love. We’ve got a lot of great changes and tweaks to make Checkfront even better for you.

1: New Currencies and Add-On


We’ve added support for two new currencies: the Korean Won and the Mauritian Rupee. We’ve also integrated with a new add-on called Nutshell. Nutshell is a CRM (customer relationship management) application that allows you to track leads and sales very quickly and communicate with your team in a very efficient way when it comes to customer attraction and retention. They offer a free 14-day trial and their pricing begins at just $15 per month, making them a popular CRM option. Even better, Nutshell easily integrates with Checkfront with just a few cut-and-paste API keys, so you can fully test out just how well the two apps work together. If you want to know more about setting up Nutshell with Checkfront, check out the integration document in our Support Center.

2: Item-Specific Booking Form Fields

This is a very exciting addition to our booking form. Along with the conditional fields we introduced a few months ago, item-specific fields allow you to create a dynamic booking form that will capture all of the information you need to know from customers at time of booking. Under Manage > Layout > Booking Form, you will see a new change on the right side of the page: the option to switch between ‘Booking Fields’ and ‘Item Specific Fields’. By navigating to the latter and hitting ‘New Field’, you can create a new section of your booking form which will only show up if a customer has booked a certain item. You can choose the item in question using the drop-down menu in the Field Editor window. Item-specific fields can also have filters on them, which makes them a very powerful part of the booking process. Now you can ask for additional information only if you need it. Item-specific fields will show up at the bottom of a booking form if the item in question has been selected for purchase.

3: Product Groups Now Adjustable in Item Setup

This feature streamlines your inventory system and makes booking much easier for your customers. Instead of offering separate items for each iteration of your product—say, tours which begin at certain times of the day—you can now group all of those items under one larger parent item. When a customer books, they will have the opportunity to select their desired tour start time (for instance) from the booking page. Product groups make your booking page look much cleaner and less cluttered, and improves the booking process for your customers. For more information, see our support section and how-to blog post on product groups.

4: Other Changes and Options

There are a number of other tweaks we’ve made to the Checkfront dashboard and back end:

  • You now have the option to disable the hosted booking page if you wish, by going to Manage > Layout > Booking Page and clicking on the “Disable customer facing reserve page” check box.
  • Our search box is no longer case-sensitive.
  • Customer IDs have been added to transaction reports.
  • Tracking categories have been added to our Xero integration.
  • Partner bookings can now be created by staff accounts.
  • We’ve fixed an error in the booking report’s Qty column, relating to total calculations.

For a complete list of the changes included in Checkfront v3.3.2 and prior releases, please visit our update center.

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