Experience More Freedom and More Adventure with Checkfront + Square™

Customers appreciate the convenience of booking online. But that doesn’t mean you want to be looking at a screen all day.

You got into this business because you love adventure. You’d rather be out interacting with your customers, stretching out your legs and enjoying the sun.

You probably already know that the Checkfront mobile app lets you manage your bookings on the go. To make your life even more mobile we’re excited to announce we’ve partnered with Square™ so you can accept payments anywhere.

Now you can run most of your business with complete freedom from your office.

Announcing Checkfront + Square™

The Square Reader makes it easy for you, and your customers, to complete transactions in person so you can accept last minute bookings, make upsells on the spot, or ditch your check-in computers entirely.

The choice is yours.

Square seamlessly accepts transactions from all major credit cards. With next-day deposits, PCI compliance, and chargeback protection, Square handles all the details of your business securely.

You can also set up Square as your online payment gateway. Using the same payment system for your online and brick and mortar sales allows you to get a better view of how your business is performing.

When a payment is made through Square, all transaction details are immediately synced to your Checkfront dashboard. You’ll never have to track reservations and payments separately.

Find out more about connecting your Checkfront account to Square.

Start your free 21-day trial today!

No credit card required. Amazing support. Flexible pricing.

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