3 Emails to Improve the Post-Booking Experience

Even after operating for years, there’s still a little rush of pride whenever you make a new sale or get a new booking. Small businesses put in a lot of hard work, and it’s nice to see it pay off. However, your relationship with the customer shouldn’t end when the payment gets processed or the reservation is confirmed; you can make the buying experience into so much more than that, and gain some loyal regular customers along the way. Here are three emails you can send your customers after they’ve made a purchase.

The confirmation email

By default, Checkfront is set up to send an email notification to the customer immediately after their booking has processed. It confirms the reservation has been made and sends the booking ID for future reference. This email is very basic, with no frills whatsoever—but it doesn’t need to stay that way. By going to Manage > Notifications, you can customize this email to create a branded experience that keeps the purchase momentum going. Add links to recommended products, thank the customer personally by adding the {$_CUSTOMER_NAME} variable, and include extra booking details that will improve their experience with you. Tell them you’re excited that they’ve chosen to book with you, and that you’re looking forward to the booking.

The reminder email

If your business involves bookings in advance, then it’s worth sending your customers reminder emails as their booking date approaches. These reminder emails should be more than just a reiteration of the customer’s booking details; you can create specific emails attached to specific items in your inventory, and customize the content as much as you want. Be personable with your guests; tell them that you’re looking forward to seeing them and remind them of any details or requirements that they’ll need to remember. You can also send them reminders using sms marketing.

The follow-up email

So your customer has made their booking and followed through—their rental or tour is over. What now? Don’t let them simply fade away; send a thank you email after the tour. Again, as with the other two emails, put some personality into this communication; thank the customer by name, and include a coupon to encourage repeat business. Invite them to follow you on social media and to share their experiences on Facebook, Yelp, or TripAdvisor. Finally, add the customer’s email to your newsletter mailing list, so that they can be kept up to date and receive marketing materials in the future.

While you don’t want to overwhelm the customer with communications, these three emails can vastly improve the customer-business relationship. Customers respond very well to businesses with a friendly, approachable attitude; if you’re genuinely thankful for their patronage, then tell them!

P.S. An email is just one way to get a 5 star rating…

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