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Jaguar Land Rover Experience

Jaguar Land Rover Experience Expands Globally with Checkfront

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“Checkfront provides a professional and flexible solution that is easily scaled to meet our varying global needs.”

Michelle Christie
Business Development Manager
Jaguar Land Rover Experience

“What we do hear repeatedly from our current customers is that the entire process of finding us, finding what they want, right to the checkout, is very easy and they’re always saying, “the website is amazing, it was so easy to book.” We hear that all the time.”

Anthony Clark
Rent-a-Tent Canada

Rent-a-Tent Canada

Rent-a-Tent Canada Sees a 15-20% Growth in Sales with Checkfront

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Urban Axes Logo


How Urban Axes uses Checkfront to Receive 90% of Online Bookings.

Eagle Wing Logo

Eagle Wing
Whale & Wildlife Tours

How Eagle Wing used Checkfront to become a Leader in Sustainability.

“I love Checkfront’s ability to customize the notifications on status, on availability, on an item — really gives me a lot of control in terms of how I communicate with customers.”

Adam Walker
Canmore Cave Tours

Canmore Cave Tours

Canmore Cave Tours Explore Automation with Checkfront

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ZRCE Logo image

How Targets Travelers with Checkfront’s Mobile Bookings.

B&C Camera

How B&C Camera Uses Checkfront Automation to Deliver Great Customer Service.

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