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Frequently Asked Questions about Checkfront

This FAQ is intended for new Checkfront users. You can also learn more on our blog

If you have specific configuration questions, please see our support library. For billing, please see our Pricing FAQ.

Working with Checkfront

Checkfront is a cloud-based booking management application and e-commerce platform. Our secure back-office application provides a central place for you to manage your business, process reservations and track customers. We offer several turn-key add-ons that allow you to offer self-service bookings from your website.

Checkfront is for schedule-based businesses that sell their services in daily, nightly or hourly allotments. Checkfront is used to manage activity, tours, accommodation, events, rentals, and more. It’s best suited for operations with a recurring inventory of services vs. one-off events.

We’re really good at what we do, but we aren’t a “one size fits all” solution. We’re not a shopping cart system for static / shippable goods or a personal scheduling / appointment manager.

We sure hope so, but the quickest way to be sure is to book a demo. You can be up and running in minutes and start accepting bookings on your website right away. If you have complex pricing, seasonality, or inventory requirements, our support team is standing by to help get you configured.

We’re not the only shop in town, but we believe our team and technology set us apart. Checkfront offers a modern, powerful booking application that’s easy to use, requires little training, and can scale with your business. We’re fanatical about delivering the best possible user experience for your staff and your customers. If you’re coming from a desktop booking system, Checkfront offers a whole new world of possibilities. If you deal with a mish-mash of spreadsheets and calendars, we can simplify your business overnight. Have a look at what our customers have to say, or book a demo.

Checkfront lives online, so it’s available wherever you are. There is no software to install or maintain, and no antiquated licensing programs. This means that we manage the hosting and software, and you get automated updates, hourly backups and industry leading security on a high-speed, high-availability network. We provide several add-ons that allow you to offer self-service bookings on your own website, integrate with your social media pages, and much more.

At Checkfront, we know that good support is critical to your business. Every plan, including our free plan, comes with email support and an extensive help section. We’ve tried to balance each of our plans with good support and affordability.

Pricing, payments and security

3% online booking fee that you can absorb or pass on to the customer. See our plans for more information.

Yes, Checkfront Payments works perfectly with our booking software to allow your business to process payments at any time from customers all over the globe.

Yes. Without a payment processor configured, Checkfront will operate in Reservation-Only mode.

You own your data; our job is to keep it safe and secure and, while you’re with us, present it in the most useful ways possible. You can export all of your data at any time in XML format. If you choose to close your account, we only retain your data in backup for 30 days, and no more than that. See our data retention policy for more information.

Security is our first and foremost consideration. Each account is locked down with a 256 bit SSL certificate and includes advanced security scanning and firewall. Every account operates in a segregated database environment and utilizes military grade encryption. Our systems are PCI DSS compliant.

Checkfront operates on a decentralized group of geographically diverse data centres. We pick a server location that operates closest to your business. This allows us to provide you with the most reliable service possible. See checkfront.com/status for a list of operating locations.

Booking information

Checkfront offers several ways to accept bookings online. Our CMS plugins seamlessly integrate a self-service booking portal into your own website, including WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. You can also use our ready-to-go hosted booking page (sample), and even offer bookings and special offers from your Facebook page. For the full list of options, see our website integrations.

Each plan includes a set number of bookings per year. This helps us allocate the appropriate resources to your system. We’ll ask you to upgrade to the next level after exceeding the set number for your plan. In some cases, you’ll be invoiced at $1.00 (USD) per booking over that set number. If you process more than 6,000 bookings annually, contact our Enterprise team and they’ll be able to create a custom package for your needs.

An outage can be problematic. But if you have cellular access or a tablet, you can access your bookings via our mobile interface.

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