High Tech Multi Property Management On The Remote Coast

Multiple properties and multiple booking calendars?

Managing bookings for your vacation rental properties doesn’t have to be cumbersome, especially when you’re always on the go. Just ask Jason Watts, owner/operator of StayTofino. Jason uses Checkfront with iCal to manage booking calendars for StayTofino’s seven properties so that even when he’s out in the office, he’s able to access his calendars and reservations on his mobile devices.

StayTofino manages and rents short-term vacation rental properties in Tofino, one of the most scenic locales on Canada’s west coast. Since Jason leads a busy life, and is regularly away from a solid internet connection, he often relies on 3G service to conduct his online business. For this reason, he requires the ability to manage bookings from a mobile device, and a booking solution that can synchronize with multiple calendars. The number one reason we chose Checkfront is the excellent customer service.

Jason chose Checkfront as the booking platform for the new StayTofino website. “The number one reason we chose Checkfront is the excellent customer service,” says Jason.

Functionality was also a key criteria. Jason uses iCal, a portable calendar format that is supported by most calendar software, mail clients, and smart phones, to synchronize StayTofino’s booking calendars with Checkfront. He then uses his iPad to manage bookings when he’s away from a wireless connection by tethering the iPad to his iPhone. Qbix Inc.’s Calendar Plus app gives Jason individual access to all of his bookings at a glance.

Developer-friendly platform

Bully Creative designed and built StayTofino.com, and integrated Checkfront with the new site. According to Jesse Campbell, a founding member of Bully Creative, “As a web design consultancy, we’re constantly challenged with integrating new and different technologies at the demand of our clients and their audiences.

“Checkfront was a natural choice for us on the Stay Tofino project. Leaning on the API, we were able to boil in some features that added usability without sacrificing the design we hoped to achieve. Integrating the booking portal went really smoothly, too. We felt supported throughout the process, and the end product is a solid implementation of the tools and resources they’ve made available.”

About StayTofino

StayTofino provides expert vacation rental property management with your best interests and convenience in mind. You have choices when it comes to promoting your vacation rental property in the Pacific Rim area. StayTofino delivers results that you can count on, advertising your rental home across a large network. We focus on peace of mind for you, and an amazing rental experience for our guests.

Do you need help managing multiple properties and booking calendars, too?

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