Give Your Tour Company a Green Makeover

It’s never been more important to go green, both at home and at work. Everyone can do their part to reduce emissions and improve the environment for generations to come—and that includes your tour or activity business, no matter the size. While you may not have an office in a trendy solar-powered building or be able to harvest salad greens from a rooftop garden, you can become more sustainable with just a few changes that will save you money and save the Earth in the process.

Make your tour company paperless

Are you still printing out bills, tickets, and other notifications that could be sent electronically? Paper is one of the biggest waste issues for tour companies, but it’s also one of the easiest things to change, because there are so many wireless alternatives available for almost any situation. Cloud accounting software will automatically create and store invoices for you, as well as send them out to customers; company policy manuals and memos can be emailed to employees; most bills can be paid through online banking or money transfer; and many of your suppliers may even be able to work with digital manifests rather than reams of paper. If you must print, try to use post-consumer recycled paper and eco-friendly toner from refillable ink cartridges.

Be smart about e-waste

Electronic waste, or e-waste, is a rising problem as devices become more and more ubiquitous. Electronics contain heavy metals and other toxic chemical elements that wreaks havoc on the environment when improperly discarded, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and causing health problems. Your old smartphone and computer monitor may be able to be refurbished for use in developing countries; even broken electronics have components that can be broken down and re-used. So don’t just throw out your old office electronics when you get an upgrade; many bottle depots and fire stations will accept e-waste and make sure it’s properly processed. If you’re planning an e-waste recycling run, ask your employees to bring their old devices into the office as well.

Use electricity wisely

If you run your tour company out of an office, make sure to turn off all computers, printers, and lights as you go; there’s no point in having them on if no one is there! You can also make an eco-friendly change by switching your light bulbs to compact fluorescents instead of traditional incandescents; they last a lot longer and are far better for the environment. If you are upgrading your equipment, look for an energy-efficient option. While the initial price tag may be a little higher than traditional models, you will save a significant amount of energy in the long run.

While no one can be absolutely perfect, everyone can do their part to reduce emissions and make the workplace more environmentally friendly. With a few simple changes, your tour business can be part of the solution rather than the problem—and that’s immensely appealing to many customers.

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