8 Valentine’s Day Ideas and Promotions for Tour and Activity Companies

By Erick Tomaliwan

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You don’t need to be a fancy restaurant or sell flowers and chocolates to create a great Valentine’s Day promotion to attract all the happy couples (and happy singles). Your customers love the exciting and out-of-the-ordinary experiences you offer, and they just might want to bring someone else too.

Valentine’s Day spending in the US is over $18 billion. Nine out of ten Americans report purchasing something for their significant other, and even pets receive Valentine’s Day gifts averaging about $5.00. Get a piece of that Valentine’s Day pie (chocolate pie) with these V-day marketing strategies for tour and activity companies.

  1. Add some romantic pinks, reds and maybe a heart or two to your logo. Post some fun Valentine’s Day quotes and gift ideas on your social media channels.
  2. Make a 2-for-1 promotion out of your tours.
  3. Supply flowers and chocolates to the participants on the tour.
  4. Have a singles tour where people can either celebrate their singledom or look forward to some matchmaking opportunities.
  5. Create a unique date or proposal package.
  6. Create a niche specific tour for people who love dogs or a genre of music so they can come together over a shared interest.
  7. Start a contest – ask your followers on social media to share what a perfect Valentine’s Day with your company looks like to them. There could be a prize for the best answer, such as creating the date they designed or a Valentine’s Day gift basket.
  8. Spread the love by donating a portion of your promotion’s profits to a charity like a heart foundation.

Once you’ve found the best promotion for your tour company to offer, it’s time to promote it. Make a landing page on your website for customers to come and purchase the product. Create images for social media to share and put them around your storefront or kiosk.

And if you can, make a 60-second promotional video. It doesn’t need to be production studio quality. Use a smartphone or digital camera and have yourself or your staff talk about the promotion. Get creative (and corny) and have fun. You can even use Instagram Stories or Facebook Live to record the videos for more viral attraction.

Make sure to capture any special or hilarious moments you can on Valentine’s Day to share on your social media channels and use them next year to ramp up your Valentine’s Day promotions ahead of time.

Couple on a boat tour in London

Creating Valentine’s Day promotion is not only a great way to boost sales and have some fun with the company’s product, but it’s also a great way to boost engagement with your customers on and offline. Also, there is more fun and opportunities to be had in the month of February as the 15th is Singles Awareness Day!

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