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By Erick Tomaliwan

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You should be able to collect information on all guests attending without having to chase it down.

Most travelers love to share experiences with others; the group activity sector continues to grow. This is excellent news for you! Getting more guests per booking helps to increase your revenue. However, it could also mean more work for yourself and the team.

That’s because you may need to collect information from all guests — not just the primary booker. Depending on your activity, you may need to know details like age, height, and dietary restrictions. And if you require waivers, you’ll need every guest to sign.

If you only get this information from the primary booker initially, then you may be unprepared for the group on the day of arrival. Your team might scramble last minute to make sure there’s enough XL wetsuits and vegan burgers. And your primary booker might have to wait in the lobby while the rest of the group signs the waiver in person.

Gathering information this way often results in longer check-in times. If this scenario sounds familiar to you, we have a better solution.

Meet Checkfront’s Guest Form! Similar to the booking form, the Guest Form feature allows you to collect booking information, but on a per guest basis.

And it’s all done after payment — which means it doesn’t disrupt the booking flow by adding an extra step before purchase.

The primary booker completes the steps as normal. Once they’ve paid, they’ll be taken to the Guest Form where they simply submit each participant’s email address or share the link with members in a group message. Then, each guest fills out their information privately.

What are the amazing benefits?

Better organization with more detailed itineraries

In the new Daily Manifest, your guides, drivers or cooks can access the details they need at any time. Here, they’ll see an overview of all the guests and their details for any given day. If your activity does require waivers, you can also see which guests have signed under the document section.

This information is also available on the booking invoice under guest details.

When you know who’s arriving, your team can properly prepare. Whether it’s setting out the right gear or making meals for special dietary needs, everyone can get ready for the day before guests arrive.

Effective email marketing

Your primary booker shouldn’t be the only guest you hope to return. Part of expanding your customer base requires nurturing relationships with every guest. And the best way to do this is by communicating  with all participants before and after the day of the activity.

When you have each guest’s email address, you can send them booking information, reminders, thank-you messages and promotions. And they can be recipients of your email campaigns — which may inspire them to visit again — maybe even with new friends (AKA new customers).

Finding out specific details about every guest will also give you a better idea of your target audience. For instance, you can ask for their address to learn where most of your customers are coming from. This knowledge will help you improve your marketing efforts across all channels!

Learn how to set up the Guest Form. If you have any questions, our support team is happy to help.

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