How To Promote Your New Tour With Retargeting and Agent Selling Techniques

By Erick Tomaliwan

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The new year is underway and many tour companies are designing new adventures to offer their customers. Whether it’s a whale watching company extending a tour to visit the sea lion colonies or a food tasting company offering a farm-to-table niche-specific tour, one of the best places to start promoting your new products are to the customers that have already toured with you.

Because these customers have already been on a tour with your company, you have already formed a relationship with them. They clearly have an interest in the types of tours you offer and know the calibre of experience and service your company provides.

It’s time to make the most out of the valuable contact information you have collected from these customers. Use your customer email list to engage them and develop your relationship further. If you don’t collect your customers’ emails and store them in an email list, start this very minute.

All quality management systems such as Checkfront collect important customer information like email addresses and more. Use your customer email list to send information about your new tour.

Offer them a customer loyalty promotion for returning and booking another tour with you. By getting returning customers on your new tours, you can increase your bookings early in the season and gain valuable insight from your customer’s feedback.

One great strategy for promoting the new tour to your customer list is by offering a discounted pair of tickets to encourage them to invite a friend. This strategy will further increase sales and drive more word-of-mouth marketing.

Another effective way to promote your new tours is working with your agents and resellers. Send them information about your company’s new tour and offer a higher commission rate. This will motivate them to sell your new tour to their customer base, expanding your marketing reach even further.

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