3 Reports Axe Throwing Management Needs From an Online Booking System

By Erick Tomaliwan

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Every axe thrower arrives with the goal of hitting the target. Of course, their aim is for the bulls-eye, but that’s not a realistic expectation on the first, second, or even seventh try. There’s technique to throwing the axe — like how to hold the hatchet over the head. With every attempt, they’ll make small adjustments to their throw and stance to get closer to the center.

To run an axe-throwing business, you have a target of your own. Your company strives for the bulls-eye and every small goal achieved gets you an inch closer. To help your business reach its goals, you need the right tools to learn how your team can adjust their technique.

That’s why Checkfront provides various reports that give axe throwing businesses the information they need to stay on target.

Let’s take a look at 3 reports that will increase efficiency, improve forecasting, and acquire new customers:

1. The daily list

The only way to manage time is to stay organized — especially on busy days. Your team shouldn’t be scrambling to get lanes ready as soon as a group arrives. With the Daily List, everything can be prepared ahead of time.

Used as a summary of your daily bookings, the Daily List gives you a quick overview of who to expect on any particular day. This list can be printed and handed off to your different staff members or exported as a Google Sheet and shared.

With two main views and various filters available, you can customize the Daily List to display your bookings according to what would best help your team.

Checkfront's daily list report for axe throwing businesses

Here’s an example of how you can use the Daily List:

If you have different team members assigned to different group types, such as league reservations, private group bookings, and walk-in reservations — each of these team members will want to see a different version of the Daily List.

By selecting Time View, your Daily List will sort your bookings into a timetable as it groups all items in the same time slot. With the Category filter, you’d select league reservations from the drop-down menu.

You can then share this list with your employee responsible for league reservations. They’d see a schedule with only the reservations relevant to them, as well as other useful information like the number of axe throwers, waiver information and payment status. That way, they’ll know what to expect and can plan their day accordingly. Your whole team will be on top of their game.

2. Sales report

Every business owner wants to see how their axe throwing business is doing concerning sales — whether they’re increasing or declining. And you can do this by looking at trends over a significant timeframe. You’re able to decide on the best course of action because you see what areas are excelling year over year and where needs improving.

On the Checkfront dashboard, there’s a Sales Report that generates multiple reports on a single page. So whatever you need to analyze on the sales report — like what staff member makes the most bookings for a given item — you can do so by choosing specific filters.

Checkfront Axe Throwing Sales Report

There are 7 different reports possible to create for a selected timeframe:

  1. Day – shows revenue for any given day
  2. Booking Item – shows all bookings on a per item basis
  3. Booking – shows all invoices generated
  4. Customer – shows all customers that have made a booking
  5. Staff – shows booking totals for all staff members
  6. Category – shows booking totals for each category
  7. Item – shows booking totals for each item

These reports include data significant to their unique purpose, but each one comes with columns for Discounts, Net Sales, Gross Sales, Taxes and Total.

And to further customize, you can filter the report by Staff, Category and Item. This allows you to narrow down the data and analyze exactly what you want.

3. Interactive customer map

Even though your customers show up in full lumberjack get-up, they might not be living in the bush. But you’re still curious to know where customers are coming from — whether they’re locals looking for a good time or travellers filling up their trip itinerary. Not only is this information interesting, but it’s useful for your marketer because they’ll know where to target ad campaigns.

Have you ever been to a business popular amongst tourists and seen a map hanging on the wall with colourful pins placed all over different countries? Well, Checkfront has a digital version of that!

Checkfront's customer map for axe throwing businesses

The Customer Map is a fun and favourite feature amongst Checkfront users. With it, you’re able to see the exact number of customers residing in each region. And if you want to look at a more specific location, all you have to do is zoom in, and the map will display each pin individually.

The map can also be filtered by booking status and date. This will allow your marketer to see if any bookings were made close to the time of launching a new advertising campaign — which will prove the effectiveness of their efforts.

Beyond reports, there are other amazing Checkfront features that make running your axe throwing business better than oak-kay. To find out what they are, read on to Chapter 3.

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