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Booking channels report for tours and activities

Find the best channels for your business.

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It’s neck and neck between online and offline

While online bookings have taken the narrow lead, offline bookings still account for almost half of all bookings. Find out which channels are growing the most, and how far in advance consumers are booking.

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Download your Booking Channels Report

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Things you will learn:

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What channels see the most bookings

The data speaks for itself on why you should diversify your booking channels. Both online and offline direct make up the majority, and the larger channels are where you should focus your efforts.

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Simple omnichannel marketing tactics

An omnichannel experience is personal, engaging, and seamless. While it’s a little overwhelming to follow for every booking channel, you can start with
small, achievable steps.

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Channels for same-day and advance bookings

Same-day bookings are growing in popularity. Find out which channels are the most popular for each type, and where you can get the most value for your business.