Meet Checkfront

We are a diverse group of industry professionals with backgrounds in technology, travel, and tourism.

How’d We Get Here?

OUr story

Checkfront was initially conceived by co-founders Jason Morehouse and Grant Jurgeneit to help frustrated service operators better manage their bookings online.

While large companies had (arguably antiquated) systems for centralizing reservations and taking payments, many tourism and rental companies were still struggling to manage bookings with e-mail forms, spreadsheets, and clunky software – hardly an ideal solution for a business owner looking to create a seamless and professional online experience.

treesA red cedar on beautiful Vancouver Island

Our Mission

Why we do what we do

We still wake up as eager as we did on day one to have the best online booking system available. We want to take the work out of managing the complexities and administration of service-based bookings, and allow owners to focus on their customers and what they love.

We scrutinize every aspect of our service. Our software must be easy to use, beautifully designed, secure, perform flawlessly, and be priced fairly (commission free).

 Locally Grown

Since launching in June, 2010, Checkfront has grown from a humble operation in Victoria, BC, Canada, into a dedicated workforce spread across BC and Canada. Our product team is based in the beautiful capital city of Victoria.

 Globally Known

We’ve processed over 1 billion USD in bookings annually, made by businesses in 112 countries around the world. From Alaska to New Zealand we facilitate hundreds of thousands of bookings monthly.

Living, Breathing, Excellent People

Our Team

We are a diverse group of industry professionals with backgrounds in technology, travel, and tourism.


The Strategy

Jason Morehouse
Jason Morehouse Co-Founder, CEO
Grant Jurgeneit Co-Founder, VP of Biz Dev
Mark Holder
Mark Holder Chief Operating Officer
Jennifer Carr
Jennifer Carr CFO
Chris McGuire
Chris McGuire VP of Technology
Rasool Rayani
Rasool Rayani Board Member
Andrew Wilkinson
Andrew Wilkinson Board Member

The Mentors

Susan Catchuk
Susan Catchuk Director of Customer Success
Julianne Johnson
Julianne Johnson Customer Success Advocate
Linden Turner
Linden Turner Customer Success Advocate
Ryan Lang
Ryan Lang Launch Specialist
Stefanie Warren
Stefanie Warren Customer Success Advocate
Robert McMynn
Robert McMynn Launch Specialist
Ryan Grieve
Ryan Grieve Launch Specialist
Technical Support

The Adhesive

Laura Faunt
Laura Faunt Director of Customer Support
Aaron Amurao
Aaron Amurao Team Lead
Angela Bublitz
Angela Bublitz Technical Support Specialist
Brett Goss
Brett Goss Technical Support Analyst
Chase Catchpole
Chase Catchpole Technical Support Analyst
Lenka Krizanova
Lenka Krizanova Technical Support Specialist
Ryan Lainchbury
Ryan Lainchbury Training Lead
Brittany Leno
Brittany Leno Technical Support Specialist
Jay Coughlan
Jay Coughlan Technical Support Specialist
Raelle Hunter
Raelle Hunter Technical Support Specialist
Kalem Wight
Kalem Wight Technical Support Specialist
Fiona Dirom
Fiona Dirom Technical Writer
Jim Cummings
Jim Cummings Technical Support Specialist

The Logic

Brandon Ellis
Brandon Ellis Senior Director of Technology
Jason Michael
Jason Michael Software Development Manager
Ben Allison
Ben Allison Lead Developer
Paul Goertzen
Paul Goertzen Senior Developer
Dave Russell
Dave Russell Senior Developer
Elijah Reale
Elijah Reale Developer
Geraldine Schweden
Geraldine Schweden Developer
Harpreet Singh
Harpreet Singh Developer
Joshua Fraser
Joshua Fraser Developer
Marc Alonzo
Marc Alonzo Senior Front-end Developer
Tyler Weeres
Tyler Weeres Senior Developer
Brandon Harvey
Brandon Harvey DevOps Engineer
Noel Anstey
Noel Anstey Developer
Leigh Baleja
Leigh Baleja Developer
Duncan Anderson
Duncan Anderson QA Manager
Ian Comeau
Ian Comeau QA Specialist
Nick Dronsfield
Nick Dronsfield QA Specialist

The Style

Angela Heald
Angela Heald Director of Marketing
Jennifer Stoldt
Jennifer Stoldt Head of Online Growth
Shannon Potts
Shannon Potts Content Specialist
Kyla Steeves
Kyla Steeves Copywriter
Paul Kovacs
Paul Kovacs Events & Projects Coordinator
Chris Stewart
Chris Stewart Visual Designer
People Operations

The Care

Amanda McKay
Amanda McKay Director of People Operations
Bobby-Joe Zieberg
Bobby-Joe Zieberg Office Manager
Sierra MacTavish
Sierra MacTavish People Operations Assistant

The Numbers

Terri Lawrence
Terri Lawrence Accounting Manager
Karin Kwan
Karin Kwan Controller
Beverly Armstrong
Beverly Armstrong Billing Specialist

The Dreamers

Stephanie Brachat
Stephanie Brachat Director of Product
Ravenna McColgan
Ravenna McColgan Product Manager
Demetre Papaiakovou
Demetre Papaiakovou Product Designer
Keighley Kodric
Keighley Kodric Product Designer

The Influence

Alex Mereeb
Alex Mereeb Director of Sales
Scott Reid
Scott Reid Account Executive
John Tedham
John Tedham Sales Development Representative
Kate Wright
Kate Wright Sales Development Representative
Paul Ruta
Paul Ruta Sales Development Representative
Sam Sall
Sam Sall Sales Development Representative

Our Infrastructure

To deliver maximum reliability and performance, Checkfront operates on a distributed network with data centers in five geographically diverse locations, including the United States, United Kingdom and Asia. Our data centers are high-speed, redundantly powered state-of-the-art facilities.

For more information see our security center or network status page.

Butchart Gardens Image Butchart Gardens

Our Secret Sauce

It may sound cliché, but it’s the relationships that we build with our customers that inspire us every day. We get the pleasure of working with business operators big and small, around the globe, who have decided to do what they love. We get to help them achieve their goals.

To top it off we get to work in one of the most beautiful places on earth, with a team that truly cares about their product. Every day.

Travel & Tourism

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