Checkfront turns your existing WordPress website into an online booking engine. Now your customers can view real-time availability, pricing, make online reservations, and pay for their booking – all without leaving your existing website!

What Can I Do With the Checkfront WordPress Plugin?

  • Easily embed a self-service booking interface into any page or post.
  • Theme and customize the booking interface to match your site.
  • Display availability, pricing and take reservations within your website.
  • Accept payments at the time of booking.
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly design and mobile admin apps.
  • All of the features of the Checkfront back-office application.
  • Keep your data safe with our industry leading security.

Need more? See our Developer API or learn more about Checkfront.


Installing the Checkfront WordPress plugin involves only a couple of clicks. You can quickly search for “Checkfront” from inside your WordPress Admin under “Plugins” / “Add New”. Alternately, you can download and install the plugin manually.

The Checkfront WordPress plugin is compatible with WordPress version 2.5 and greater.

Quick Setup Guide 3.5min


When logged into your account, you can use the WordPress generator to build a Checkfront shortcode that creates a booking page as required.The WordPress shortcode generator can be found in your account under Manage / Add-ons / Integrations / WordPress. The following shortcodes are listed for your reference:

Basic Shortcode

Show default booking portal: [checkfront]


Show specific items: [checkfront item_id="3,8,37"]

Show specific categories:[checkfront category_id="2,3"]

Limit upcoming events to specific category: [checkfront filter_category_id="3"]


Tabs as categories: [checkfront options=tabs]

Hide search and calendar: [checkfront options=hidesearch]

Together, they would look like this: [checkfront options=tabs,hidesearch]

Discount Code

Include an automatic discount code: [checkfront discount_code="insert_code"]


Font colour: [checkfront style="color: #000000"]

Font family: [checkfront style="font-family: arial"]

Background colour: [checkfront style="background-color: #873333"]

Together, they would look like this:

[checkfront style="color: #000000; background-color: #873333; font-family: arial"]


Fast forward to specific date: [checkfront date="20141224"]

Add an end date: [checkfront end_date="20140131"

Tracking ID

Tracking ID: [checkfront tid="promo-page"]

See campaign tracking for more information on using tracking ids.