We’ve Revamped the Checkfront Mobile iOS App

August 17, 2015, Mia Steinberg
NEW Checkfront IOS App for Online Booking

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that our Checkfront mobile app has undergone a major update and is now available in the App Store. While the functionality remains largely the same, we’ve rebuilt the entire app from the ground up to work on OSX 8/9, and generally run better for you, our users. We’ve also updated the look and feel to reflect our current branding.

The new Checkfront app can also do something that it couldn’t do before: you are now able to take a native booking within the app itself, instead of being redirected to the mobile web page booking form. Though this version doesn’t include the functionality to accept payments through your mobile device (we plan on including this in a future update), you can now manually record payments right from the app.

For anyone who hasn’t tried our mobile app, here’s an idea of what it offers:

  • NEW! Create bookings in-app.
  • View current and upcoming bookings.
  • Search bookings by customer, booking ID or date.
  • QR code scanner for quick access to bookings.
  • Check-in and check-out bookings.
  • NEW! Manually record payments.
  • View and update booking notes.
  • Quickly contact customers by email or phone.
  • Create and view global bookmarks.
  • View booking receipts.
  • Quick access to Checkfront email and phone support.

As of right now, the revamped app is only available for iOS users. The Android build is on its way, though, and we expect it to be released in late August. Watch our blog for more announcements.

The Checkfront Online Booking System app for iOS is available here, via the App Store.

Please send your feedback and any questions regarding the new app to our support team.

Also note: Our new iOS app supports iOS 8 and up.

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