Get More Time for Watersports with Online Bookings

by Paul Hazon

Rusheen Bay Windsurfing

On the west coast of Ireland, Galway’s rolling hills open up to Rusheen Bay, a scenic inlet that’s ideal for learning flat water sports like kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and windsurfing. If you look out over the bay between April and September, you’ll likely see the Rusheen Bay Windsurfing School leading instructional sessions for kids, families, corporate groups or hen/stag parties.

Considered one of Ireland’s most popular windsurfing schools, Rusheen Bay recently recognized the benefits of offering online bookings. Prior to the 2013 season, the school booked sessions via a PDF form that customers printed and mailed back with a cheque. “It was a little Stone Age,” comments Danny Mulryan, Director/Owner of Galway Bay Watersports Ltd., which runs two watersports schools: Rusheen Bay Windsurfing and Paddle on the Prom.

Like any other fundamental shift in business processes, the school had its hesitations. “We started off with the fear that an off-the-shelf booking system would never work for our business,” says Danny. “But the virtually instant support from the Checkfront team has educated us that their system can be easily adapted, or on some occasions, our way of thinking was changed to make our new system work.”

What used to be a nightmare of forms, cheques and lists of outstanding payments has transitioned to an online booking system with iPhone alerts via Checkfront’s mobile app. “The bookings are updated seamlessly, paid in full and require about 5% of the previous admin time,” says Danny. Rusheen Bay also uses Checkfront’s PayPal add-on to collect payments. “Over 25K of revenue in three months and we never had one problem,” he says.

Although Checkfront customers span many industries across over 58 countries, they have at least one thing in common: Support is a key factor in successfully implementing any online booking solution. “Checkfront’s support is A1,” says Danny. “We have enjoyed working with the support team. They are keen to take feedback on board for future development and also seem to take a personal interest in helping the smallest of customers.”