Recent Checkfront Updates


May 2019

  • Added staff-side overbooking alerts when changing from an unlocked to a locked status
  • Daily Agenda: printable view and summary data added
  • XML Webhooks/’System Exports’: numeric-only booking fields are now prefixed with ‘field_’ since XML tags need letters
  • Xero and QuickBooks Online no longer sync voided bookings in cases of voided prebookings
  • Gift Certificates: Gift Certificate refunds now prefill values from the booking form
  • Fixed data exports to Google Drive that were appearing blank


April 2019

  • API v3: Fixed an issue where rated queries return slips with parameter values that do not respect ‘min’ values
  • Staff Booking Page: Corrected category Dropdown z-index issue
  • Customer Accounts: Changing email now triggers ‘Email Verification’
  • Booking Edit: Fixed bug that made add/edit item it is temporarily unavailable due to rule/restriction


March 2019

  • Staffside Payments billing fields added
  • APIv3: Allows adding discount codes to the booking/session
  • Daily Agenda: Added an Item filter
  • Permissions: Refund permission now includes ability to refund to a Gift Certificate
  • Customer Booking Page: Customers now prevented from making payments to voided bookings using ‘redirect’ gateways
  • Added support of additional ‘merchant review’ error code
  • Square: Improved attribution logic between IDs entered in notes field and Checkfront bookings


February 2019

  • Google Analytics: Fixed revenue value sent when Group Pricing is used
  • Daily Agenda: Expand/Collapse All functionality added for a given activity/row
  • Viator: Fixed bug where bookings created in Checkfront prepend the country code to the phone number, breaking Twilio (which does not allow letters)
  • Customer Booking Flow: ‘Incomplete Booking’ options now show when using ‘Hero’ layout
  • Customer Booking Flow: Double-clicking ‘Clear’ or ‘Modify’ on an incomplete booking no longer takes customer to a voided invoice
  • Calendars: Optimized calendar queries for configurations with many timeslots and per-timeslot events
  • Customer Booking Flow: Item Maps: Map only loads for one item; subsequent items will be blank maps


January 2019

  • Booking Form: Region now shown for New Zealand instead of suburb
  • Staff Permissions: New options to restrict adding/removing fees/taxes during booking edit
  • Staff Permissions: Added functionality to restrict amount overrides on booking edit
  • Inventory Calendar: Now has an option to filter out zero-filled rows
  • Daily Agenda: Now shows waivers signed staff-side
  • Notifications: Fixed bug where emailed invoices showed voucher code multiple times
  • Customer Booking Flow: Fixed a bug causing some customers to be redirected to the /reserve page after filling out Booking Form
  • Customer Booking Flow: Discount tool tip on booking modal no longer obscures discount name
  • Gift Certificates: Fixed a date format issue that prevented refunding back to GC
  • Booking Page: Fixed modal datepicker alignment when browser is less than 100% zoom
  • Payment Express: Fixed error that blocked payment processing without reason being provided
  • Invoice: Fixed layout for PDF print appearing squished.
  • Mailchimp: Mailchimp merge-tags dropdown now shows more tags
  • APIv3: Fixed issue preventing removal of a gift certificate from a booking session
  • Reports: Fixed issue causing quotes to surround file-names in Chrome and Firefox on PDF download


 November 27th 2018

  • Guest Form: Guest phone number field now auto-populated when the booking customer is also a guest
  • Notifications: Email bounces and webhook failures now sends email notifications to the company email
  • Fixed being unable to edit discount amounts in locales using commas as decimal separators.
  • Corrected some minor IE11 issues on the Daily Agenda; can now customize the item views.
  • When manually emailing a Gift Certificate, the delivery date and start date are now shown to match the emailed date.
  • Fixed Gift Certificate thumbnails sometimes being resized to incorrect dimensions.


 November 19th 2018

  • Payments: Payment information for rebilling can now be saved to Customer Accounts when using Stripe,, VersaPay, and moreIt’s now possible for customers to store their payment details (tokenized) within their account for use on future bookings. The functionality that allowed rebilling within a single booking remains unchanged with this update. Learn more.
  • Booking Page: On small screens, the booking modal is now presented fullscreen (even with droplets) for better usability
  • Expedia: Improvements to allow Expedia to pull pricing info directly into their system
  • Booking Page: Item availability shown for timeslots now shows the maximum available”Show number of items available to customer” setting now shows the availability of the timeslot with the most remaining inventory that day.
  • Gift Certificates: Recipient now included on view/print of Gift Certificates
  • Resolved an issue with the Booking Modal occasionally jumping to the top of the window when using Safari
  • Facebook: Fixed a bug that was causing some Facebook analytics events to not track.
  • Fixed an issue with vouchers uploaded with lowercase codes were reusable in some cases.


 October 31st 2018

  • Customers: Customer profiles now also list bookings where the customer participated as a guest
  • Google Analytics: Improved support for cross-domain tracking within the droplet
  • Stripe: Updated integration to support payments via iDeal and AliPay, where regionally available
  • Slack: Notifications can now be limited to specific items
  • Voiding bookings now correctly decrements the Traffic Report.
  • Fixed an issue causing the check-in/check-out buttons on the Invoice to disappear after a check-in status reset.
  • Notification variables now use system field values over custom booking form field values if there is a name collision (ie. booking_start_time).


 September 30th 2018

  • API v3: /item/?language=fr_FR now responds with translated names/summaries/descriptions.
  • API v3: /booking/index/?date= can now be used to find bookings that are in progress on a particular date.
  • API v3: Now includes a parameter for showing additional addon information when rating package items.
  • API v3: Item category now returned in booking response.
  • Viator: Forward booking window rule now supported.
  • Guest Form: Guests now shown waivers required for any hidden addons.
  • Webhooks: Gift Certificate payments now trigger Webhooks.
  • Clicking ‘Add to booking’ no longer clears autofill details.
  • Fixed an issue where booking form select picker was highlighting the wrong option.
  • Expedia cancellations now sync even if the booking was not in PAID status.
  • Fixed some geolocation issues when customer chooses a country that lacks regions, but is in a country that does have regions
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some ‘Show on invoice’ booking form fields from displaying on mobile.
  • Editing a booking item no longer removes the region field.
  • Fixed a bug where ‘Send a link’ button defaulted to the previous Guest’s email address.
  • It’s now possible to clear multi-checkbox values when editing a booking.
  • Cancelled bookings that receive refunds (or payments) will now remain in Cancelled status
  • Calendars can now show days as unavailable if timeslots do not have sufficient spaces available to meet parameter minimums


 July 27th 2018

  • Guest Form UpdatesRecent updates include: Allowing name and email fields to be optional, improved embedded experience within iframes, counter badge added to Guest tab on invoice… and more to come!
  • Daily Agenda: Now excludes pre, voided, and cancelled bookings
  • Voided bookings are now kept for 30 days from when they were voided, not 30 days from creation
  • Improved speed of Booking Index batch operations
  • WorldPay: Now allows refunding of settled transactions
  • Braintree: Now allows refunding of unsettled transactions
  • Upcoming/Auto Advance: Now uses staff rules for staff-side requests
  • Booklet: Corrected jumping scrollbar; fixed Windows-specific load issue
  • API: /booking/{code} now includes ‘bookmarked’ property
  • Fixed an issue where some timeslots using an overbooking rule showed invalid initial availability
  • Multiline fields are now editable within customer profiles


 July 10th 2018

  • The Guest FormCollect name, email, and additional information on all guests attending without having to chase it down. Learn more…
  • GDPR Personal Data Redactor ToolThis new functionality allows account admins to permanently purge customer data from archived customer profiles. Learn more…
  • Exclusive date span events can now overlap; will use the closest dates to those requested
  • Accessibility tweaks to /reserve for screen readers
  • Added Webhook support, anti-duplicate-transaction logic; handle timeouts more gracefully
  • Changing the language on the /reserve now follows configured date and time formats
  • Quickbooks Online: Now informs user if it requires manual authorization
  • Coinbase: This gateway has now been removed as they are not accepting new merchants
  • Inventory Calendar: Now just shows the current stock of each item, never calculating add-on availability
  • Fixed notification variable $INVENTORY_LEVEL_ITEMS not working
  • Google Analytics: Prevent tracking of staff-created bookings when customers return to payment page or documents
  • Fixed-length hourly/sub-hourly items now allow selecting small windows of availability, where previously they’d appear soldout
  • Sidebar no longer moves around when scrolling on desktop


 June 15th 2018

  • Waivers & Documents: Documents are now sorted alphabetically in the Document Directory and booking details
  • API v3: Now supports filtering /3.0/booking/index/ by partner_id
  • Fixed an issue where some Gift Certificates with future delivery dates were sending immediately
  • Fixed ‘Unknown Error’ rarely showing in the item modal for hourly items when no times were available
  • Fixed /inventory/category modal (admin) failing in Edge when no image is supplied
  • Fixed Booking Form not submitting in Safari with third party cookies disabled
  • Fixed ?view=payall showing the deposit amount on the payment button
  • Timeslot items with required daily add-ons that are unavailable, now block the timeslot item
  • Packages containing hourly add-ons no longer show soldout if just the first hour of the add-on is taken
  • Inventory Calendar: Fixed misaligned rows caused by empty product grouping parent items
  • Fixed a few places where apostrophes in names could prevent saving, such as gift certificate settings
  • Fixed not showing the default language’s name on /reserve, causing the dropdown to be partially cutoff
  • Fixed ‘infinite scrolling’ not working on /inventory/events in some cases
  • Non-staff bookings on Sales Report now show as ‘Website’ instead of just blank
  • Archived fields now hidden from customer/booking importers, to avoid issues with split first/last names


 May 31st 2018

  • API v3: booking/session now accepts multiple slips by line_id
  • Customer Map can now be centered on a location of your choosing; configurable in the Maps add-on
  • Improved handling of re-uploading images with the same name to items
  • MyAllocator: Fixed issue with some incorrect customer information being imported
  • Nickname column in account export now includes nicknames instead of IDs
  • Fixed notifications sent to archived staff accounts not showing the staff’s name in logs
  • Minimum Quantity Rule no longer prevents events from opening default unavailable items
  • Bottom of droplet no longer cut off when changing months on wide screens
  • Fixed an issue that was disabling Custom Domains if Postmark servers were non-responsive during a domain verification attempt
  • Droplet no longer opens “Return to [Company Name]” link inside the iframe
  • MyAllocator: Items with “in packages only” visibility now sync availability
  • Mollie: Fixed payment page errors if returned to hours later
  • PayPal Payment Express: Fixed issue that was causing payments to fail when item names were very long
  • Square: Show as ‘Pay by Credit Card’ instead of ‘Pay by Square’ on payment page


 April 30th 2018

  • Expedia: Now supports new volume-based pricing changesWe’ve made some small adjustments to how we pass group pricing information to Expedia, in preparation for their improvements to volume-based pricing.
  • API V3: Added /booking/notes endpointFor documentation on all API endpoints, visit
  • Images: All account images are now served from Google CloudAll images (items, gift certificate themes, hero images, logos, etc.) are now served from multiple locations via Google Cloud (CDN), resulting in faster delivery and improved reliability.
  • Authorize.Net: ‘payment held pending merchant approval’ now results in Pending bookingsIn cases where Authorize.Net requires merchants to manually approve payments due to risk/fraud settings, bookings with payments pending will now be placed in Pending status.
  • Apple Passbook: Updated library version and email sending logic
  • Deposits: Instead of skipping deposits after a partial staff payment, only skip deposits if within 1 USD of the deposit target
  • Customer Accounts: Autofill now occurs on load and only affects ‘Customer Profile’ fields
  • Fixed iFrame modals jumping and scrolling issues on iOS 10/11
  • Improved handling of addon parameter mapping, fixing a case where addons with a minimum parameter set + adjustable parameters would cause the package to be unavailable
  • Viator AvailabilityHolds now rely on a process similar to pre bookings, simplifying availability logic
  • Fixed inclusive tax calculations incorrectly handling cases where a discount was more than the booking total
  • Improved the error message for Customer Account failed logins
  • Font colour parameter no longer applies to text inside dropdowns within the droplet
  • Fixed timeslot addons not respecting closure events that apply to some of its slots, when ‘Allow Date Adjustment’ is enabled


 March 30th 2018

  • Booking Form ImprovementsWe’re currently rolling out small changes to our booking form editor in preparation for upcoming features for collection and reporting of guest-specific data. 

    Recent additions include: 
    ◦ More field types that function as filters to show/hide follow-up questions 
    ◦ A defined “Please select” option within drop-down fields
    ◦ Clearer configuration for radio, dropdown, and checkbox options within the form editor
    ◦ An archive option for form fields so you can still easily reference information you previously collected
    ◦ The ability to order booking fields and item-specific form fields together
  • Product group children with package only visibility now only show as package addons
  • Reports > Revenue Report: Graph now reflects same values as report
  • Booking Form: Editing booking form data now logs changes in the Activity Log
  • 2Checkout: All discounts now properly reflected in payment totalCorrects the issue of some ‘per booking, before tax’ discounts erroneously being added back to total before payment.
  • Fixed multiple issues related to product grouped items availability and auto advancement
  • Fixed product group children not being editable once booked
  • Improved logic for the “Pay Deposit” button”Pay Deposit” button is now hidden when full payment is required (previously both would show and request full payment). Additionally, the button will also not be shown if customer’s previous deposit payment is within 5% of the total deposit requirement.
  • Product grouping parents now show their combined stock in the Inventory Calendar


 March 15th 2018

  • Kiosk-friendly Directory for Waiver SubmissionsWe’ve added a kiosk version of our public directory for waivers and documents that improves usability on shared devices by automatically returning to the main page after a document is submitted. You’ll find the new option in the sidebar within Waivers & Documents.
  • Pre-bookings and voided bookings are now retained for 30 days (up from 24h)As a result, vouchers connected to pre-bookings are released when the pre-booking inventory lock expires (15m). Additionally, this change makes the Traffic report more stable, as it doesn’t temporarily count pre-bookings.
  • API V3: Fixed being unable to use the session_id cookie
  • API V3: Fixed /item?category_id=null (or any non-numeric/empty value) with ‘Default Category’ set, only showing 1 category’s items
  • Fixed waiver PDF generation failing in some cases
  • eWay/2Checkout: Added additional logic to prevent users from double-submitting to eWay
  • Euro: Fixed display issues showing Euro symbol in emails
  • Fixed unavailable items showing non-currency-formatted amounts for some regions
  • Cutoff Rule on soldout items now says “Soldout” instead of “Unavailable”
  • Fixed some Items not showing their price when the item modal is initially opened
  • Xero, Vend, QuickBooks: Now support ‘Per Booking, Before Tax’ discounts
  • Purging Booking Fields (in /manage/system/purge/) now restores default fields
  • Fixed Customer Language not being saved on bookings for some customers
  • Fixed Invoice logo image appearing too large; also fixed issues deleting them
  • Fixed nightly product grouped items defaulting to two nights
  • Booking Edit: Fixed issues with ‘Hide Unavailable’ conflicting with ‘Show soldout’
  • iOS: Fixed an API issue preventing some customer name searches returning bookings


 February 15th 2018

  • Renamed one of Booking -> Daily List’s “qty” columns to “Total Quantity” to reduce confusion
  • Expedia: Improved support for Expedia’s Redemption API
  • Public API can no longer be disabled when Site Builder is enabled
  • Customer language now shows in Reports
  • API v3: Fixed customer_region field being not required when it started hidden
  • Fixed HTML fields not showing on old bookings
  • Sales Report: Fixed 100% off pre-tax booking discounts not showing
  • Customer Accounts: Logging into an archived account now gives customers a better error message
  • Gift Certificate: Fixed custom theme images not showing


 January 15th 2018

  • Customer Accounts ImprovementsWe’ve merged Customer profiles and Customer accounts together. This adds Google Logins and streamlines the customer account login and creation process.
  • NEW! Postmark Email ProviderWe’ve recently migrated to Postmark as our upstream email delivery provider.
  • PayPal Express: Added support for re-billing
  • Expedia: Added the ability to set the status of new bookings
  • NEW! Ingenico Payment GatewayWe’ve added support for Ingenico, a global leader in seamless payment solutions.
  • Multi-Languages: Added a “Customer Language” option for staff bookings to ensure notifications are sent in the correct language
  • New Countries: Added support for Sudan and South Sudan
  • Booking Form: Autofill feature now works for all Customer profiles
  • Reports: Voucher codes are now searchable in the voucher report
  • iCal: Email notifications with iCal attachments will now use the item’s location
  • Support: Overhauled the support portal
  • Speed ImprovementsSeveral performance improvements for the Reserve page, as well as the loading/exporting of large reports
  • Square: Implemented Webhooks to prevent dropped transactions and added support for Tips
  • Booking page: Improved mobile scrolling of modals with 4+ parameters
  • Invoices: The “Show Item Map” option returns after our switch to a new map provider
  • Cutoff Rule ImprovementsSeveral improvements and fixes around the cutoff rule and how it handles selecting the next available time, including support for the Upcoming Items feature
  • Packages: Product-grouped package parent items now propagate the selected parameters to child items
  • Booking Form: The Phone Number field populates existing values as expected
  • Booking page: The auto advance feature now resets when a new category is selected
  • Invoices: Fixed an issue that prevented users from printing all tickets
  • Booking Edit: All conditional form fields are not shown when a new item is added to a booking
  • Integrations: MyAllocator now supports item events with exclusive dates
  • Product Grouping: Aliasing a child item to it’s parent item is no longer allowed
  • Item Importer: Fixed an issue that prevented the restore feature from working
  • Webhooks: Fixed an issue that could cause webhooks to disable themselves
  • Rules: Fixed an issue that caused some available items affected by rules to appear as unavailable
  • Integrations: The “Total” calculation sent to Google Analytics now multiplies by the item quantity once
  • Reports: The commission report now only shows data on partner accounts
  • Invoices: Mobile view now shows all “customer_” related fields
  • Booking page: Changing the language of the booking page now maintains date filters
  • Customer Accounts: Now unable to see hidden categories when editing a booking


 October 6th 2017

  • Booking Form: Item-specific fields can now be ordered among common booking fields
  • Booking Edit: Large speed improvements when loading categories with lots of package add-ons
  • Vantiv: New Payment Gateway
  • Customer Accounts: Bookings can now be edited up to 1 minute before their start (configurable), instead of midnight
  • Vend: Now supports ‘per booking’ discounts
  • MyAllocator: Now supports cutoff rule on events
  • Notifications: QR code image may now be added directly to notifications with {$BOOKING_QR_CODE}
  • Webhooks: Booking Webhooks now include booking tracking ID (TID)
  • Custom fonts (via @import) now work in droplet custom CSS
  • Fixed timeout issues resulting from cutoff rule changes
  • Braintree: Payments using existing tokens are now captured immediately
  • API: show_upcoming parameter now works for the single-item (item/{item_id}) endpoint
  • QuickBooks: Refunds are now supported for US accounts
  • MyAllocator: Only seasonal rates now affect MyAllocator rules
  • MyAllocator: Fixed MaxStay/MinStay, availability syncing issues
  • Item Builder: Pricing Events are now shown in the order they apply
  • Availability: Fixed times ending at midnight being unbookable when the business hours don’t end at midnight on the following day
  • Calendar: Days which are unbookable due to a cutoff rule now shown as unavailable
  • Mobile Payment Page: Add options for paying deposit or full balance
  • Booking Edit: Fixed ‘Hide Unavailable’ setting being ignored when auto-advance was enabled
  • Customer Booking Page: Company logo and ‘Create another booking’ both return customers back to booking source (Site Builder website or /reserve)


 August 31st 2017

  • Booking Discounts Before TaxAdded a new type of Discount that applies before taxes are calculated
  • Timed package add-ons can now follow their day-allocation’s duration
  • Improved handling of add-ons with date ranges outside of their parent’s
  • Bookings with POS payments can now be voided, payments made through a gateway still prevent voiding
  • Improved UX around cancelling/voiding bookings
  • Invoice page now uses mobile view for small iframes
  • Switched to per-company API keys for Google Maps add-on
  • API: /company Added currency formatting settings
  • Stripe: Added supported for New Zealand, Hong Kong, Portugal
  • Hidden parameters with no prices are now hidden on the booking invoice
  • Swiss Franc symbol is now correctly CHF instead of fr.
  • Customer Accounts: Editing a booking now retains the previously chosen timeslot
  • Customer Accounts: iframe now properly resizes to show the submit button when viewing waivers
  • Gift Certificates: Improved date validation for expiry/delivery dates
  • Stripe: Users can now query Stripe for refund transactions
  • Expedia: Mapping file generation no longer fails when encountering a parameter ID like “5”
  • Viator: Fixed being unable to make bookings due to availability holds
  • Viator: Checkfront cutoff rule now affects availability in Viator
  • Daily List/Summary: Now shows bookings in statuses which have been erased
  • Notifications: Google’s automatically generated calendar events are now +1 day for nightly allocations
  • Sales Report: Fixed column order affecting totals in rare instances
  • Customer Calendar: Multiple instances of an item in the same booking, on different days, now appear separately
  • Booking Page: Auto advance setting now considers requested date ranges and fixed lengths
  • Developer accounts may now use Private Translations


 August 9th 2017

  • Upcoming Items/Dates ImprovementsThe overhauled Upcoming Items feature shows the next available date and up to three additional ones within a window of up to 180 days, displays each item in a category instead of just one, as well as generally improves the styling of the results.
  • Square: Save card details for future paymentsNew checkbox on the payment page allows customers to optionally save their card details securely within Square; allowing for future payments without re-requesting the card.
  • API: /booking/transact Authorize.Net now supports importing transactions
  • API: /booking/index now supports ?item_id filter
  • Booking Index: Speed optimizationsParticularly noticeable for accounts with many transactions per booking
  • Inventory > Events: Added date filter for which events apply to a date range
  • Improved logging of two-factor authentication (2FA) token flow, including SMS
  • Inventory Calendar: Viewing a time now only shows bookings for that time
  • 24H Pricing now supports Group Pricing
  • Google Analytics now includes the currency_id with conversion events
  • Show Unavailable Items now works independently of Show Soldout, and works better with Auto Advance Start Date
  • Archiving items now removes them from packages
  • Facebook (and double-iframe-droplets): Fixed sizing/scrolling bugs
  • Notifications sent to Staff, triggered by customer payments, are now in the company’s language (not the customer’s)
  • Commission Report: Count was erroneously showing # of commissioned items, rather than bookings
  • Sales Report: Fixed rare event stacking case where booking-wide discounts could cause a booking total to be higher than expected
  • Show receipt page instead of payment page when a credit is present on invoice
  • Removal of partners from commission group via /manage/accounts/edit now possible
  • Inventory Calendar: # available per timeslot, in adjustment modal, now shows that item’s availability only (ignoring required packages)
  • Inventory Calendar: Fixed first column of timeslots having incorrect base qty shown
  • Inventory Calendar: Fixed MyAllocator booking link for old bookings not opening
  • Prevent overpaying with a gift certificate in staff payment flow
  • Waivers: Fixed select fields with > 6 options appearing disabled
  • Waivers: The placeholder ‘-‘ option can no longer bypass the required check
  • Calendars: Fixed clicking a day only showing 1 category’s bookings
  • Stripe: Use Gateway’s payment_type for payments to be consistent with refunds
  • Moneris: Staffside payments for whole amounts (127 instead of 127.00) now work
  • SagePay: Fixed rejecting payments with long descriptions
  • Mollie: Prevent customers from paying twice, when the Mollie webhook is running a bit slow
  • Square: Trimmed spaces from postal codes to correct potential user error
  • SagePay, WorldPay: Now use the Cardholder Name instead of Booking Name
  • Expedia: Fixed multi-voucher bookings for the same item only appearing once
  • Vend: Fixed updating simple items breaking invoice loading
  • Fixed Customer Account login modal sometimes not showing when in iFrame
  • Fixed customer_region field not showing when customer_country is hidden, for Customer Accounts
  • MyAllocator: Fixed unimported external bookings getting unlocked after channel-side edits
  • MyAllocator: Receiving new external bookings, and manually unlocking external bookings now immediately updates calendars
  • MyAllocator: Fixed MinLOS rule being incorrect when base rules had minimum length of 0, but events had rules that were higher
  • MyAllocator: Fixed always needing to manually unlock external bookings before importing
  • Gift Certificates: Improved date pickers to prevent allowing invalid values
  • Google Analytics: Fixed duplicate conversions getting logged by Waivers
  • Google Analytics: We now respect Google’s preference for period decimals instead of commas


 June 22nd 2017

  • Upcoming Deprecation of TLS 1.1 and 1.0On June 29, 2017, Checkfront will end support for TLS 1.1 and 1.0 encryption, and begin requiring TLS 1.2 for secure connection to both our back-end app, and booking pages. 
    For anyone using modern browsers and devices, there will be no discernible change, and no action should be required on your part. More info.
  • Fixed the embedded iFrame collapsing when editing bookings within customer accounts
  • Fixed staff being unable to apply a gift certificate if ‘Stay Logged In’ wasn’t on
  • Square: Fixed account location being cleared when refreshing OAuth token
  • Fixed Hero layout of booking pages having huge top bar overlay in some configurations


 June 15th 2017

  • NEW! Site Builder by CheckfrontCheckfront’s latest product makes it easy to build a beautiful, search optimized website that is seamlessly integrated with your booking inventory. Learn more.
  • Added DOCUMENTS_URL + INVOICE_URL variables to custom receipt options to allow for linking back to Waiver process
  • Fixed an issue that was blocking valid staff-issued gift certificates from being applied to existing bookings
  • Fixed issue causing child items to be visible for some partner accounts despite restrictive permissions
  • Improved AdWords tracking accuracy when Waivers are required
  • Vend: Invoice links now accessible by non-admins


 June 7th 2017

  • NEW! Square IntegrationWe’re excited to announce our new payment integration with Square! Seamlessly accept payments online, or use a Square reader with our iOS app for an in-person/on-the-go solution.
  • Waivers: Added visibility and search functionality for minors on Documents > IndexDocuments > Index now includes a row for every minor, searching by minor’s name, and a new ‘Participation’ column to clearly identify each person.
  • Beanstream has rebranded as BamboraReferences to Beanstream have been replaced by Bambora throughout the app.
  • API: Added transaction import for Stripe, Square, and Conekta on /booking/transact//booking/transact/ can now accept a ?gateway_id=Stripe&transaction_id=xyz to import existing transactions
  • General performance improvements for hero layout of booking page
  • Improved flow when switching dates on an hourly item to a day with shorter business hours
  • Added status filter to show/hide hidden/archived categories
  • Fixed staff payments rejecting amounts with commas in some locales
  • Moneris: Fixed issue with recording multiple partial payments
  • Improved navigation menu on iPad
  • Gift certificates now show as unlimited quantity in inventory, rather than 1
  • Fixed notification translations sometimes being replaced by primary language
  • Fixed the date selector hiding months prior to the current selection in some cases


 May 10th 2017

  • Viator IntegrationList your items, sync availability, and receive Viator bookings directly into Checkfront.
    See our Setup Guide
  • ZohoCRM UpdateWe’ve overhauled our ZohoCRM integration to provide new options for updating contacts/leads, syncing custom form fields, updating notes/events, and more
  • Improvements to Booking Edit ProcessGeneral improvements to timeslots/packages clearing, tax application, retaining parameter choices, etc.
  • API: Customer TOS now exists in /booking/form/ response
  • Sales Report: Added Category ID, Item ID, and Partner columns
  • Languages: Added Serbian, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Slovenian, Armenian languages
  • Customer Payment Page: Layout improvements for mobile devices
  • Notifications: ‘All Partners’ option replaced with ‘Attributed Partner’
  • Developer Console: New option for querying as a Customer (to see non-staff items, fields, etc)
  • Speed optimizations for large setups using Category landing pages
  • Sales Report: Now allows selecting future dates for bookings
  • Fixed long parameter lists on /reserve/ mobile displaying poorly
  • Fixed cases where updating package parent did not adjust add-on’s dates to follow
  • Fixed conditional form field checkboxes ticking themselves when hidden
  • Fixed importers failing when used with many parameters
  • Fixed soldout items occasionally showing as available
  • Fixed Simple Items parameter adjusting
  • Forcing Google logins now disables the forgot password flow
  • Deleting bookings now removes the waiver/document attribution
  • Notifications now restrict negative date scheduling
  • Customer Languages now support Mobile Safari browser


 April 15th 2017

  • Expedia Local Expert IntegrationList your items on Expedia Local Expert and receive bookings through Expedia
  • MyAllocator: syncing improvements, bookings now show their channel (ie. on invoices/booking index
  • Add-ons: Enabling a second Primary Gateway will now warn + disable other primaries
  • Security: Strengthened password requirements for all accounts
  • API: Simple items can now be booked via /item/5/?param[qty]=3, like other items
  • Changing language no longer resets category/item filter selection on booking pages.
  • Fixed Customer Directory export ignoring search filter
  • Gift Certificates: Bookings paid by Gift Certificates send out ‘paid’ notifications
  • Fixed cancelling bookings containing > 9 package add-ons not unlocking properly
  • Webhooks now return the correct end date for nightly items
  • Stripe now receives the credit card name instead of the booking form name
  • Fixed dynamic form fields occasionally obscuring Continue button on Booking Form while embedded
  • ‘Max Items per Booking’ rule now works better with packages; doesn’t count unselected options
  • Fixed ‘Start of Week’ day not universally applying
  • Fixed overriding behaviour when renaming booking statuses
  • Removing packages now always removes their addons


 March 15th 2017

  • Reusable WaiversIf recurring customers are common in your business, configure your templates to allow document attachment to multiple bookings within a defined period of time.
  • API: Added Item Event SupportAPI booking responses now include the Item Event IDs which are applied to the booking’s items. We have also added a general Item Event endpoint that can be queried in cases where specific details (name, type, status, etc.) of an Item Event ID are needed.
  • Daily List: New Pivot – Time of DayA new ‘Time’ option on our Daily List report provides a chronological view of the day’s bookings.
  • Waivers & Documents: Added optional date of birth validation for primary signer
  • Waivers & Documents: Added options for customizing instructional text
  • Customer Accounts: Allow staying in iFrame if connecting over SSL
  • Customer Accounts: Now include all bookings made under the customer’s verified email address (including staff-created bookings)
  • Customer Calendar: Applied table freezing to the first column, general performance improvements
  • Week/Day Calendars: Added Calendar visibility for timeslot bookings outside of business hours
  • Activity Log: Added detailed logs for editing Events, Discounts, and the Item Wizard
  • MyAllocator: Added support for aliased items
  • Currencies: 75 new currencies supported by our Payment Gateways
  • Corrected encoding issues on GeoIP lookups
  • Gift Certificate codes are now case-insensitive
  • Fixed incorrect formatting of discount % for the es_ES locale
  • Fixed booking link not showing future bookings in Manage > Accounts > Customer
  • General performance improvements for multiple calendars
  • Voucher report export now respects filters
  • Bookings with payments disabled can now be prompted for Waivers & Documents
  • Non date based items no longer mention dates anywhere in their booking flow
  • Expired passwords for accounts which have not logged in since March 2016
  • Items priced per 24 Hours now include quantity in their calculations


 February 24th 2017

  • Package Modal ImprovementsNew package modal options allow addons to be booked within or near (+/- days on either end) of the main item’s dates. Additionally, optional addons which are unavailable simply won’t show. This enables uses such as attaching optional packages for various seasons, and only showing the relevant ones.
  • Custom Gift Certificate ThemesYou can now upload your own gift certificate theme images and let your customers pick their favorite style or, alternatively, no theme at all.
  • Permissions: Added a ‘Create Bookings’ permission
  • Gateways: Simplified onboarding process for Braintree
  • Corrected sorting bug on the Discount Code column for /inventory/discounts/
  • MyAllocator: Optimized resyncing of availability information
  • Fixed caching issue after updating category image
  • Default price for timeslot items that are listed in packages
  • General bug fixes for Calendar > Day
  • Changing login ID now works correctly for Partner accounts
  • Custom Email domains now require both SPF and DKIM validation, to improve deliverability


 November 1st 2016

  • Translations System ImprovementsSystem Translations are now shared in larger groups, improving their coverage.
    Customer language choices are now used for all email notifications and invoices.
  • Improved payment flow for external payment gatewaysRedirected gateways now support alternative payment methods including gift certificates
  • Quickbooks Integration supports multi-location tracking
  • New Payment Gateways: Mollie and Adyen
  • Added Currencies: Ghanaian Cedi, Omani Rial, Trinidad & Tobago Dollar
  • Improved support for Waivers inside Droplets
  • Item Specific SMS notifications
  • Added search capability to the Activity Log
  • Login ImprovementsStaff can now login using their Email Address.
    ‘Stay Logged In’ now remembers your selection.
  • MailChimp Integration Update
  • Added tokenless API optionOnce enabled, applications connecting without a token will have basic access to items and booking creation endpoints.
  • API: Calling /booking/form without a booking session now lists all Item Specific Form Fields
  • Categories can now be ‘Hidden’Hidden categories will not be listed on Booking Pages, but their items can still be booked via direct links
  • Deprecated support for IE8
  • Keyword searches on reports now respect filters
  • Fixed Quickbooks validation errors with $0 taxable items
  • Improvements to customer flow for Packages containing preselected items
  • Stock level notifications no longer fire on pre-bookings
  • Clicking multiple times no longer results in multiple waiver submissions
  • Empty categories, or those with only child/staff items, no longer appear on the customer booking page
  • Booking importer no longer adds an extra day to night allocated items
  • Issuing refunds no longer triggers email notifications by default
  • Fixed several issues with specific languages and date formats


 August 3rd 2016

  • Package & Cart ImprovementsEdit Item dates, parameters, and timeslots right from the Cart page.
    Packaged items may now have date and parameter adjustment enabled, allowing those values to be selected separately from the Parent Package Item. (Great for businesses with return trip or customizable itineraries) #packages
  • Inventory Calendar ImprovementsThe Inventory Calendar has received a subtle refresh that now enables viewing and editing of Timeslot and Hourly Item inventories. #inventory
  • Yield Pricing in Item EventsA new Yield pricing option within Item Events allows for automatic adjustment of your prices (by percentage) when inventory drops to thresholds you define.
  • Waivers Add-on TrialSoho and Pro accounts can now test a 14-day full trial of our Waivers add-on. Any documents created during this trial will persist to the full version.
  • New Commission Invoice export option for Commission Report
  • Improved Customer Calendar display of simultaneous bookings
  • Speed improvements for items with many timeslots
  • Speed improvements when listing existing Waivers
  • Same-day bookings of timed items now prevent customer bookings after the time has passed
  • Improved display of price breakdown when an item event spans differently priced days
  • Improvements to booking page navigation when cookies are disabled, such as Safari using the Droplet
  • Voiding a booking will no longer remove its log entries from the Activity Log


 June 8th 2016

  • Integrated Waiver & Document SystemAvailable for Enterprise and Plus clients, Checkfront’s solution for Waivers and Documents integrates right into the booking flow, streamlining the process for customers and staff.
  • New Payment GatewaysBongloy – Cambodia, PayFort, and Kentucky Interactive
  • New ImportersBooking Importer, Account Importer, and Customer Importer
  • Improvements to Partner CommissionsPartner bonus commissions, previously stored at the partner (or group) level, may now be set specific to certain items. To accommodate this new option and to provide an at-a-glance view of your commission rates, we’ve moved Partners into Accounts and created a brand new page for Commissions & Groups under Manage > Commissions.
  • Slack IntegrationSend a notification to Slack whenever a new booking is made, either by a customer/partner on the front end, or a staff member in the back end. Optionally, send additional notifications when notes are added.
  • Improved Dashboard SearchCan now search customers and bookings by zip/postal code and address; sorts by date
  • Improved LoggingShow Staff IP Addresses; keep all logs > 30 days; add more filters; log more specifics when things are changed
  • Overhauled Webhooks
  • Customizable POS Payment Types
  • New Booking Page option: Advance to Next Available Date
  • New Booking Page option: Hide Soldout Items
  • Improved Report Filter NavigationAll filterable reports have been made “back button friendly”, and filtered report URLs can now be shared or bookmarked in your browser.
  • Show Product Group Children pricesNew option in inventory wizard’s Product Group Parent section, allowing child prices to be displayed in the child dropdown.
  • Booking Index – Filter multiple statuses
  • Added a Pay Remaining Balance link on invoices containing Deposits
  • Reduced report generation time for larger Excel reports
  • New Dashboard alert system and styling
  • Category Index Display – Add Back buttonThe category index display on the reservation page now has a back button to return to the index after the category selection.
  • New Droplet parameter: popupAdded support for a “popup: ” parameter in the external droplet code. This will automatically open the item window for the specified item_id, when a user loads the reservation page.
  • Improved ACL Category workflowRestricted staff accounts with a category’s access permission enabled will now automatically grant permission to new items in that category.
  • Nightly bookings should now display the correct end date in the calendar and daily list pages.
  • Nightly bookings should now display the correct end date in the calendar and daily list pages.
  • Booking forms with customer_region selectors will now default to a blank region, rather than the first region in the list.
  • Fixed product group parent items showing as unavailable when at least one child was available
  • Fixed unlimited timeslot items showing as unavailable
  • Fixed some items with product group package items showing unavailable
  • Fixed issue preventing customer account email verification
  • Fixed issue with accounts being unable to update login IDs in certain circumstances
  • Fixed MyAllocator bookings not being downloaded appropriately
  • Fixed some available items not allowing staff to manually add them to bookings
  • Fixed issue in the time display on /reserve/create, with timed items aliased to daily items
  • Fixed category image deletion
  • Fixed product group child selector not refreshing timeslot times, when selecting between timeslot child items
  • Fixed URL discount codes not applying to items in product groups
  • Fixed booking edits not saving correctly
  • Fixed $BOOKING_DETAILS notification variable not formatting and displaying item names as intended
  • Fixed customer tax displaying incorrectly in the Booking Index report
  • Fixed html booking form fields not translating correctly with multiple languages
  • Fixed display issue with the hero reservation page on an Iphone 6+
  • Fixed custom unavailable labels not showing on rule-based closures
  • Fixed the cutoff rule not functioning correctly with timeslot items
  • Fixed orphaned product group child items being unbookable
  • Fixed some payment gateways not updating the expiration dates of new cards, when making staff-side payments
  • Fixed issues with Google Drive exports
  • Fixed being unable to delete alternative language translations
  • Fixed Excel exports not formatting decimal values correctly, on some locales
  • Fixed “Add to Booking” showing the full /reserve/ page, on accounts which specify certain items or categories in their droplets
  • Fixed maintenance time interfering when staff were extending booked item durations
  • Fixed gift certificate refunds not cancelling invoices
  • Fixed gift certificates requiring full payments on partial deposit payments
  • Fixed date selector behavior with certain languages and locales
  • Fixed expired trials not being able to upgrade
  • Removed pre-bookings from customer account booking reports
  • Removed cancelled bookings from the Occupancy Report calculations, and the commission report graph.
  • Fixed Sales Report calculations for gift certificate items
  • Fixed the Bookmarks report not exporting bookings correctly
  • Fixed several calendar availability display bugs
  • Fixed “grid” option not available when selecting the hero booking page, on Manage > Layout > Page
  • Fixed some calendars displaying bookings with fixed-length nightly items and packages twice
  • Fixed optional packages being automatically added to items, when editing booking items
  • Fixed keyword search display bugs on the hero /reserve/ page
  • Fixed “customer_address2” fields not displaying in customer profile pages
  • Fixed inventory calendar adjustments on aliased items showing incorrect stock after adjustment
  • Fixed Overbooking Allowance rule not considering manual inventory adjustments, and improved support for timed items


 April 25th 2016


 January 25th 2016

  • Item access and visibility restrictions on Staff and Partner accountsAdministrators can now restrict which items or categories accounts may see or book. Additionally, bookings comprised exclusively of restricted items can be hidden from restricted accounts. 

    Item and category access restrictions can be enabled in Manage > Accounts > Settings, which will cause a new permission panel to appear in the Permissions tab of the staff and partner account editing pages.
  • Alphabetical sorting of displayed itemsItems with equal weights are now initially sorted alphabetically throughout the application.
  • Added option to use black QR codesCompanies can now choose to display their QR codes in black, to assist in the scanning process.
  • Added ability to crop category imagesCategory images can now be cropped before display on the Hero booking page.
  • Customer Account confirmation emails no longer mention Checkfront
  • Updated name of Apple Passbook to Apple Wallet
  • Fixed default-unavailable timeslot items not correctly displaying their availability inside calendars
  • Fixed restricted staff accounts with the “Modify Bookings” permission not being able to reset booking checkins
  • Fixed “Upcoming…” item image thumbnail distortion


 November 30th 2015

  • NEW! Gift CertificatesCreate set-value certificates that can be purchased from your booking pages and customized with personal messaging for recipients. Gift certificates may also be issued manually, used towards multiple purchases, and are able to carry a balance. This is a free add-on for all plan types and can be enabled under Manage > Add-ons.
  • Legacy Navigation Bar DeprecatedWith this update, any accounts that were still using our legacy navigation bar have been switched to the new version (introduced in July). This change helps us to focus on one style across the app and keep support docs consistent with all accounts.
  • Item Builder ImprovementsAdded Package item reordering, and improved item alias information
  • Improved the layout of /reserve when at low resolutions


 November 10th 2015

  • Timeslot Items!If you offer a scheduled tour or have products with specific start and end times, timeslots are for you. Ideal for booking tours and appointment blocks. Full details: 

    Item Events can be used to price/disable timeslots individually.
  • We’ve Gone Sub-hourly!Improving upon our support for businesses who book in intervals of less than a day, now you can set availability in time increments of your choosing; hourly, or every 15/20/30 minutes.

    The Inventory Calendar has been updated to allow stock changes to subhourly and timeslot items.


 October 19th 2015

  • Streamlined Item Pricing & Availability SetupWe’ve redesigned our item setup process with a new layout that walks you through every step. No more flipping back and forth with Item Events or support docs; everything you need is right in our new Item Builder.
  • More Languages…We’ve added support for Belarusian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Dari, Farsi, Greek, Korean, Pashto, Romanian, and Tajik so booking pages can now be fully localized into these languages.
  • …and More Currencies!Afghan Afghani, Zambian Kwacha, Belarusian Ruble, Bulgarian Lev, Croatian Kuna, Iranian Rial, and Tajikistani Somoni join our long list of more than 60+ currencies.
  • Taxes & Fees: Now Easier to ConfigureNow whenever you add a new tax/fee in Checkfront, instead of adding it to all existing items, you’ll be able to choose specifically which ones it applies to from within the tax setup screen.
  • Ability to edit POS transactions and refunds.
  • Fixed an issue with the Droplet font colour affecting the Booking Form.
  • Fixed an issue with Card types not showing up on repeat transactions.


 September 16th 2015

  • Item MapsItems can now have a location configured, which will show a Google Map during booking, and (optionally) on invoices.
  • Added PayUMoney Indian payment gateway
  • Added Booking Item Parameter information to Sales Report
  • Added Angolan Kwanza currency
  • API: Added ‘last_modified’ date filter to /booking/
  • Added Vend Retail POS support (beta)


 August 24th 2015

  • Packages can now be applied when editing bookings
  • Improved support for locale-specific Date/Time formats
  • Items can now have a Maintenance Time, reserving that duration between bookings
  • Droplet integrations now support customer languages from url parameters.’lang_id’ will use the first enabled customer language that matches that language.

    ‘locale_id’ will pick the exact customer language.
  • Added Package Display Price for Item Package Parents
  • Added Fijian Dollar
  • Fixed rare cases where scheduled notifications were not being sent
  • Improved Staff Calendar displays with many bookings, and on Mobile


 July 15th 2015

  • Customer AccountsCustomer portal which holds past bookings/invoices, account information, and autofill information. Customers can be permitted to modify their bookings in advance.
  • Multi languageAbility to translate any client copy that can be found on /reserve. Items, categories, fields, invoices, statuses, notifications, booking parameters…
    Integration with regular Checkfront translatable copy, such as dates and headings

    A bulk translation editor, to facilitate faster editing.
    Translation buttons on appropriate pages, so clients can do one-off adjustments.
    A supported language report, to select which languages and locales to support.

    A language selection button on /reserve, which is used by customers to instantly flip between languages.
    A language selector in the customer account’s info page, so customers will automatically get their preferred language every time they log in.
  • Google Apps AuthenticationUpdated and re-added the ability to use Google Apps for login authorization.
  • Check-in / Check-out added to daily summary
  • New currencies: Vanuatu Vatu, Hungarian Forint
  • Multiple Categories filter added to several reports
  • New Payment Gateway: PesaPal
  • Legacy Navigation BarThe Legacy Navigation Bar will be deprecated as of September/October 2015
  • Added Item Inventory Threshold Notifications
  • New Account PermissionsAdded permissions for Partner Accounts to process payments
    Added option to add permissions that restrict Account bookings by category.
    Enable it at Manage > Layout > Page
  • Fixed UI issues with Staff adding/swiping POS Payments
  • Improvements to Commission Report and Partner Dashboard
  • Fixed an issue with aliased items showing available when the quantity was less than its minimum rule.
  • Fixed an issue with merging certain customer records.
  • Coinbase Oauth2 TokensCoinbase payment gateway now correctly refreshes OAuth2 tokens


 May 19th 2015

  • New navigation bar design (beta)We’re trying out a new navbar design better suited to use on mobile devices. On existing accounts, this is disabled by default, but can be enabled under: Manage > Setup > Configuration

    Billing, profile, and support links are now available in the user drop menu beside the search field.
  • New add-on: MyAllocator (beta)MyAllocator is an accommodations channel manager allowing you to synchronize your availability to dozens of channels automatically.
  • Two-Factor User AuthenticationYou can now increase your login security with two-factor authentication.
  • Increased functionality of cashout reportThe cashout report has some new tables which will reflect more details on transactions for day-to-day operations
  • New ‘Sales’ reportThe sales report contains a great deal of information useful to running your business, and has a variety of different data views and filtering options to keep track of details.
  • Customer phone number validationThe customer_phone input field includes a widget for processing input of localized phone number formats.
  • Improved stock level API endpoint
  • API accepts JSON data in POST requestsFor requests submitting JSON data in a POST body, setting your Content-Type request header to ‘application/json’ will trigger parsing the input as JSON.
  • Partner attribution can be assigned on the invoice page


 April 5th 2015

  • New ‘Hero’ booking page layoutA new layout is available to use on your hosted booking page. See:
  • New payment gateway: PSiGate (CA/US)
  • New payment gateway: PayU South Africa
  • New payment gateway: PesoPay (PH)
  • New payment gateway: SiamPay (TH)
  • Improved handling of package attachmentsPackages can now attach product groups, set custom pricing, and remap input parameters from the parent item.
  • ‘AsiaPay’ payment gateway renamed to ‘PayDollar’
  • Improved product group support
  • New POS payment types added
  • Deprecated payment gateways: eWay (legacy), PayToStay
  • Default statuses of new bookings for staff and customers can be configured
  • Fixed character encodings for region names in Brazil, Finland, and Poland
  • Required package attachments affect item availability display
  • Fixed Passbook errors on iPhones
  • Fixed currency input in regions with multiple decimal formats
  • Partner accounts can be removed from bookings


 February 10th 2015

  • New add-on: Nutshell CRM
  • Add Korean Won (currency)
  • Add Mauritian Rupee (currency)
  • Option to disable the hosted booking page
  • Search box is no longer case sensitive
  • Per-item booking form fields
  • Customer ID added to transaction report
  • Tracking categories added to Xero
  • Partner bookings can now be created by staff
  • Product Groups – Parent / Child items are now adjustable within item setup
  • Booking Report – Qty Column – Total calculation fix
  • If event price is the same as a base price then the event name is not used
  • Colour logos no longer being printed in black and white if ‘Print in color’ is selected
  • Corrected issue with the mobile view of an item summary
  • Partner payout list no longer displaying archived items
  • Fixed an issue with Category visibility on the booking pages


 January 16th 2015

  • Notifications by ItemItem notifications can now be configured on a per item basis. This means you can trigger a specific email to be sent based on the item booked. This includes scheduled notifications.
  • Thumbnail cropping selector for item imagesYou can now select how you want the image to be resized for display.
  • New payment gateway: Credomatic PaycomCredomatic is a popular payment gateway in South America.
  • New payment gateway: Coinbase Bitcoin Payment ProcessorBitcoin can now be accepted as an additional payment option for customer bookings. This can be configured under Manage / E Commerce in your account (requires a Coinbase account).
  • New payment gateway: (Mexico)Conekta is a great option for online payments in Mexico. See:
  • New add-on: Facebook AdsFacebook Ads allows you to track conversions coming from facebook adevertising campaigns and retargetting. See:
  • New add-on: Quickbooks OnlineWith this add-on, you can now automatically send your booking invoices and customers to Quickbooks Online.
  • Conditional booking form fields
  • Configurable sort order for invoice line items
  • Batch printing now keeps the specified sort order
  • Ability to edit customer profile region/country
  • List and filter customer records via the API
  • Updates to available localesWe’ve made more countries and currency types available for your company setup
  • Admin staff can reset check-ins after a check-out


 November 12th 2014

  • New Partner AccountsYou can now add unlimited partner accounts to track affiliate and agency accounts. See:
  • New payment gateway: SecurePay (Australia)SecurePay is a new payment gateway available to Australian customers (via Australia Post).
  • Locale updates- Added currency support for: Bulgarian Leva, & Kenya & Tanzania shilling. – Improved support for zero-decimal currencies.
  • SKU as an exportable column in Booking / Index reportItem SKU is now available to export or view in the Booking Index report. Multiple SKU’s will be separated by commas.
  • New e-mail variables for notifications.Two new variables have been added to create custom notifications: {$BOOKING_RATES} – reflects the pricing at rate summary for the items booked. {$BOOKING_EXTRA_DETAILS} – Supplies the details provided in the item setup page under “Extra Details”.
  • Additional card swiper manufacturers added to POS payments.If you had any issues with our new credit card swipers, this release adds support for additional devices. See:
  • Overall performance improvements.We’ve made some overall performance improvements to the backend of the app. The booking admin and customer booking page should feel more responsive, especially for larger inventories.
  • New customer profile enhancements.You can now edit customer details in the customer center. You can also merge in duplicate customer records.


 October 16th 2014


 September 16th 2014

  • UI updates to be more responsive on smaller screensWe have improved how the backend app performs and renders on mobile devices and smaller screens. See here for the full release announcement:
  • New payment gateway: ThaiePay (Thailand)
  • Tripadvisor Review Express supportAdded support for Trip Advisor Review Express. Requires use of our TripConnect add-on :
  • Live Support (Chat) added to the support center.We’re happy to now be able offer live chat in our support center. You can find this in our account under Account / Support, or by clicking on the Checkfront icon on the upper right of your account. Please note live chat is only available during our normal business hours.
  • Fixed issue with Apple Passport not being downloaded on some devices.
  • Zoho CRM Add-on updateFixed issues with events not being added to contacts.
  • Google Universal Tracking updateWe have made some changes to how cross domain tracking works in universal analytics for google.


 August 6th 2014

  • New payment gateway: Moneris (CA)Moneris is a popular payment system and POS in Canada.
  • New payment gateway: Braintree (US/CA)Braintree is a good option for merchants in the US.
  • New default payment gateway: StripeStripe is now or default payment gateway in applicable countries. See:
  • Add Kuwaiti dinar (currency)
  • Added support for per item deposit amounts
  • New options for POS transaction types when applying a manual payment
  • Fixed issue when exporting notifications
  • Increase booking parameter label length to 30 characters
  • Updates to hourly bookings
  • Show discount codes on export of daily summary
  • Updates for discounts that were impacting availability
  • Add support for Universal tracking to Google AnalyticsWe now support Universal tracking Google Analytics. See:


 June 24th 2014

  • Added Global Gateway E4 support to AuthNet legacy mode.
  • Update to category filtering on booking page.There was an issue with the category dropdown when supplying a category filter by url or the booking widgets (eg category_id=1,2)
  • Update to revenue report.An update to our backend database changed the logic on a call specific to the review report causing some report inconsistencies specific to the revenue report.
  • Updated display issues on booking dashboard for checkout / departure dates.
  • Update to tax by region / country logicWhen calculating taxes based on customer location the logic now uses the detected location instead of just when the user changes their country.
  • Update to XPF (CFP Franc) currency display.


 June 15th 2014

  • Add option to print invoices in colorYou can have booking status print in color for pdf exports by checking “print in color” under Manage / Layout / Invoice.
  • Ability to edit booking notes via mobile.Hover events are not triggered on mobile devices so this option was hidden. It’s now visible on by default on mobile devices.


 March 3rd 2014

  • Batch printing and improved status updates.Several of the reports including the booking index and daily list include an improved bulk status update. This provides an extra confirmation when bulk updating bookings, as well as the ability to batch print, and add notes in bulk.
  • Better language and translation support.We’ve improved the way translations are managed on the system. You now have the option of using a community translated language pack, or a siloed version edited and maintained per account. Error messages including those triggered on the booking screen can now be translated.
  • New cash-out reportA cash-out report has been added to show daily reconciliation of payments and bookings.
  • New bookings by item report.A new report has been added that shows bookings broken out by item.
  • Developer UpdatesWe’ve made significant updates to the developer tools. These are now available under Manage / Developer. Included is a new developer console for testing API calls and new token pair authentication that doesn’t require oauth2.
  • Performance improvements for large inventories.We’ve refactored some of the back-end to improve rendering and loading of large inventories.
  • Responsive booking pagesThe booking pages and plugins now include a more responsive layout that works better on varying size browsers and devices. As the size of the screen is change the layout is updated to render the best possible view. Please note this also depreciates the layout=mobile option previously passed to the booking page.
  • UI enhancementsWe’ve updated the core UI to be more intuitive and perform better in different viewing modes. Please note the booking map has been moved under customers, and several of the account related areas have been moved under a new Account menu.
  • Booklet ViewA new “Booklet view” has been added to reports containing bookings. This provides a handy way to quickly scan through a sub-set of bookings that doesn’t require drilling into each booking one by one. The Booklet view when available is located beside the export button in a report.
  • Keyboard navigation added to calendarsKeyboard navigation has been added to the Monthly, Inventory and Customer calendars. Using the left and right arrows on your keyboard will advance or move back in these views. Note this also works in the new Booklet view.
  • Bookings are no longer archivedPrevious to v3.0 bookings would be archived 60 days after they completed for performance reasons. This would also remove historical data from your booking calendar after this period. This is no longer the case.
  • Added full booking view to monthly calendarPrevious to this release the monthly calendar would only show a total per day of the number of bookings. You now have the option of rendering a complete view of bookings with the monthly calendar as the week and day views do. This is configurable in the Settings menu while viewing the calendar.
  • iCal feed length configurableThe length of the iCal feed was previously set to 6 months. This is now configurable when creating an iCal feed (up to 18 months).
  • Added ability to trigger notifications based on created dateYou can now configure email notifications to trigger based on the created date. For instance send a notification 1 day after the booking has been created.
  • Purging test data #7251035665789Purging data (under Manage / System / Database) also purges customer records when requested Fix
  • Post booking flat fee tax updates #7609852790913Updates to modifying a booking with multiple items and flat fee based taxes.
  • Booking Form Updates and Fixes #3874503307612Adding and removing custom booking fields would sometimes result in fields being reset when mixing different staff and customer views.
  • Locale updates and fixes #8023960301139Fixed issue with Japanese currency formatting, added several new locales and languages.
  • Item aliasing #5848546407537There have been several updates and fixes for item aliasing. Item aliasing ties the availability and stock from one item to another in your inventory. This update fixes manual updates in the inventory calendar not reflecting the aliased item.
  • Account related maintenance fixes.Some per-system fixes and updates have been included in this release that don’t impact all accounts. You should receive a notification from support if you had a pending case related to this update.
  • Drag and dropping packages #6350588821355Fix to re-ordering packages in the item editor.
  • Item names not displayed in Calendar / Inventory / XLS export #8202877533488Fixes issue with item names when exporting in MS Excel on the Inventory Calendar.
  • Residential tax support #8023960301139Updates to better identify and set residential taxes (based on customer country and or region).


 January 8th 2014

  • UI tweaks to booking plugin(s)- Extra white space at the bottom of an embedded booking portal has been removed. – Retina icons added. – Works better on dark background colors.
  • Check-in check-out icons have been updated.The check-in and check-out icons have been updated to be consistant with the mobile app. A checkmark is displayed on bookings that have been checked-in, and an arrow on bookings that have been checked-out.
  • Invoices sub-totals no longer show taxes if the amount is 0.00
  • Resolved issue with number of days showing on some bookings, when it shouldn’t.


 October 17th 2013

  • New add-on: CIMAuthorize.Net CIM (Customer Information Manager) allows you to rebill a customer without the need to re-enter the credit card. See: for more information.
  • New droplet generatorWe have updated the Droplet, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal booking page generator to support more options when creating a booking page on your website.


 October 17th 2013

  • New payment gateway (Denmark): QuickpayQuickpay is a new integrated payment gateway the processes payments in Danish Krone and Euro. See:
  • New Add-on: TripConnect by Trip AdvisorTripConnect is a new service from Trip Advisor that allows you to include real-time availability, pricing and bookings as part of your Trip Advisor listing (accommodation only). See:
  • Fixed a rounding issue with some international locales when updating a booking status.


 September 30th 2013

  • New in-app help centerWe’ve improved the support center while logged into Checkfront. You can now search documents and view recent updates without leaving your account. We’ve also made available your recent support history and open cases. 

    Please note you need to verify your email address to see your support history (follow the instructions on the support screen, or under your account profile).
  • Improved real time inventory adjustmentsAdjusting inventory via the Inventory Calendar now allows for a note. Dates that have adjusted will have a shaded corner in the calendar view to note that there has been a manual adjustment made, along with the time and staff.
  • Fix to category filtering on the customer facing booking pageIf you are filtering categories on any of the booking plugins, there has been an issue where it displays all categories on the first load. The solution is to supply the filter_category_id parameter as well as a default category. For example =2,3
  • Resolved issues with Paypal Standard on FacebookSecurity restrictions have caused issues with redirecting to Paypal standard. We’ve found a workable solution that will ensure a smooth payment process from Facebook to Paypal.


 September 15th 2013

  • New Payment Gateway: WePayPayment processing add-on for WePay. See
  • Fixed issues with Exporting reports on some browsersExport update to address export reporting in newer versions of Safari. 
    PDF Invoice export update to resolve issues with some version of Windows.


 June 20th 2013

  • New Exporting options: Google Drive and via E-mailExporting reports now includes the option to send to Google Drive or directly to your email address. 

    The export dialog also includes an option that will attempt to open the file inline / within your browser instead of downloading it.
  • Mobile Booking UpdatesFixes and updates to the consumer mobile booking interface. Includes UI tweaks, and addresses issues when adding and removing items from bookings. Updated logic to native date pickers on IOS.
  • E-mail addresses no longer a mandatory requirement for staff accounts.
  • Locale and internationalization updates.Resolved issues with international currency & character formatting in some report exports / PDFs.
  • Improved logic in creating and matching customer profiles.


 May 28th 2013

  • Updated refund supportRefunds can optionally be applied manually / POS even if the original transaction was charged to a credit card.
  • New “tip” option for fields on the booking formA “tip” option has been added when editing or creating new fields in the booking field editor. This allows you to add more descriptive information / instructions about the information required for the field.
  • Calendar updates.- The main calendar now remembers the last view used. Month, Day, Week will displayed based on the last time accessed.
    – The main calendar better supports date and time formats / translations based on your locale.
    – The booking calendar now advances past 12 months.
  • Fixes to savings amount on per item discounts.
  • Fixes to opting in and out of certain tax types post-booking.


 May 1st 2013

  • New Payment Gateway: StripeSee:
  • MailChimp add-on updatesThe MailChimp add-on now allows you to map fields your booking fields to merge tags in Mailchimp. This will allow you to sync more information than just the email address and name to MailChimp. 

    The e-mail opt-in is also displayed when making an internal booking. This is useful for customers the call in but still want to be added to your mailing list.
  • Added more logging to the Twilio SMS add-onThe message is now shown in the booking log, and any errors will show in the activity log. Message is now truncated at 160 characters.
  • Fixed issues with 3d secure and Sagepay


 April 19th 2013

  • Category index option for booking page.We’ve added the ability to display a list of categories instead of all items in your inventory by default on your booking page. You can set this in Manage / Layout / Page by selecting “Category Index” as your default category id. This is a good option if you have a lot of items and categories.
  • The expanded daily summary has been renamed Daily list and added to the booking menu.
  • Improved formatting in MS Excel exports.
  • Facebook booking page can now restrict items by category.
  • Fixed issue with notifications not being sent with bulk status changes.We’ve also added a confirmation dialog when doing a bulk status change that confirms the status, and notification selection.
  • Customer Calendar Improvements.- The customer calendar will now wrap the name of the item if it’s longer than the column instead of truncating it. 
    – When hiding empty items, empty categories are also not shown.
  • Performance updates.We’ve put some effort into making system even faster especially for accounts with big inventories. There should be a noticeable lift in response time of the booking interface both internally and customer facing.


 April 5th 2013

  • You can now change the SOLD-OUT label on the booking pageSee Manage / Layout / Booking Page.
  • Inclusive tax support added (beta)Taxes can be configured to be inclusive. This allows you to input a tax inclusive price into your items, and have the system break out the tax on the invoice and in your reports. This is useful in VAT countries, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Customer calendar now remembers your settings.The number of weeks to view, and showing empty rows is saved for the next time you return to the report.
  • Changing the status of a booking to PAID now adds a transaction.Previous to this version, you would have to add a manual transaction via the “Add Payment” button to apply a transaction. Changing the status to PAID would only update the balance due. Now to ensure the revenue is properly tracked in our add-ons and within the revenue report a transaction is automatically entered for the booking as “POS” (point of sale).
  • Customer calendar now includes PDF export / Print
  • New Add-on: Twilio SMSYou can now enable SMS notifications via Twilio. See:
  • Added date select and export options to revenue report.
  • System updates are now announced while logged into the app.
  • Xero updatesUpdates to the Xero plugin that deal with some issues related to inclusive taxes, and bookings with multiple paramaters. You can now also override the default account code per item, in the item setup / advanced tab.
  • Updated WordPress short-code generatorYou can now supply a tracking id and discount id via the shortcode generator. Also better handles item and category filtering.


 March 19th 2013

  • New add-on section(See add-ons while logged into your account)
  • Improved radio box support for the field editor
  • Fix to international characters on PDF invoices.


 March 12th 2013

  • New Payment Gateway: AsiaPay / Paydollar
  • iCal feed can now be filtered by item.Adds support for iCal pulls from services like AirBnB, Wimdu etc to update availability.
  • Improved Google Analytics TrackingBetter cross domain referral tracking and now tracks more pages.
  • Fixed issues with formatting of international characters in PDF exports.
  • Fixed issue on Customer Map report that wouldn’t show bookings when ALL was selected.


 January 17th 2013

  • Booking Plugin (WordPress, Joomla + Droplet) now supports a transparent background.If no background color is specified in the booking portal configuration it will assume the background color or image of the site it’s integrated in.
  • Resolved issue with multi-event, multi-day bookings not displaying all of the days in the booking summary.
  • Resolved issue with some multi-day bookings not being displayed properly in March on the customer calendar for some timezones.


 December 31st 2012

  • New event spanning optionA new option has been added to events that forces bookings to start, and complete on the exact dates of the event. This is useful for one off, multi-day events.
  • Improved Mobile Booking interface.The customer facing booking interface now renders better in mobile devices and smaller displays. Extra tracking has been added, and mobile bookings will be noted on the admin version of the invoice.
  • Booking paramaters can now be set per item.Parameters (eg Adult / Child) can be set per item. These are still set globally, and can be opted out in the item setup page.
  • Archived bookings can now be unarchived.
  • iCal feed now breaks out bookings by item.Click on the iCal feed in the calendar page for the available options. This includes the ability to only subscribe to specific categories, or bookings created by you.
  • New calendar, now includes the option to filter by category and display events.
  • Inventory calendar is now seperated by category.
  • New add-on: Apple PassbookMobile bookings can now include the option to add a booking to the Apple Passbook. Details of the booking are stored on the customers device, and the bar code is compatible with our Mobile Apps. See:
  • Editing bookings now supports hourly changes.
  • Better support for multiple discounts per booking.The system is now able to handle multiple discounts and vouchers in a single booking. Each line item in the booking can have a separate discount code or voucher applied.
  • Overall updates to editing bookings.Extra logic and error checking has been added to alert on conflicts when editing the items, price, discount codes or dates in a booking.


 November 2nd 2012

  • Increased invoice notes length from 255, to 3000 characters.
  • Added advanced filters to events and discounts, including the ability to view expired items.
  • Ability to add multiple images to items as well as an optional video.
  • Packages can now be editing and sorted (drag and drop)
  • Bulk system export now includes custom fields.
  • Ability to add custom statuses.
  • Events are now accessable while editing an item.You can view events impacting an item using the events button in the item setup. You can also quickly create an event that is tied to a single item using the create event button from within an item.
  • Fixed issue with decimal formatting on deposits for some locales.
  • Re-instated ability to edit language packs.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect price being displayed on the main booking index when multi-day events were used.
  • Number of bookings on the calendar matches the number in the popup.Please note the booking calendar does not show ‘un-locked’ bookings. See Manage / Layout / Statuses.
  • Global search auto-complete now includes booking date.
  • iOS mobile apps (v1.2.1) – now shows correct balance due.


 October 12th 2012

  • New volume reportWe have added a new report that shows the number of bookings and total qty over 12 months. This is located in the reports tab.
  • Improved pre-booking locksOn rare occasion two customers could book the same item, if booking at the exact same time from different locations. We have added extra checks and currently lock the booking while in pending state. This lock expires after 5 minutes of inactivity.


 October 6th 2012

  • Transaction report updatesThe transaction report now includes the ability to filter by payment source (Visa, Amex etc), or search by customer, name on card, or the transaction id from the gateway. Please note manual payments now show with a gateway id of “None” and a payment type of “Manual”.
  • New iOS Moble Apps (iPhone / iPad)See Apple App Store. Now includes iOS Support.


 September 30th 2012

  • Added support for IE 10, and improved rendering for IE9
  • Improved notes report to make it easier to review notes.
  • Fixed issue with small tables doubling content when resized


 September 20th 2012


 September 19th 2012

  • Updates to hourlyHourly booking has been replaced in the v2 interface. It now color codes times available and unavailable, and includes better logic when dealing with hourly allocation.
  • New Android Moble AppSee: Checkfront on Google Play
  • Update to manual inventory adjustments via Calendar / InventoryPlease see:
  • Resoleved issue Inventory Calendar double scrolling in certain browsers
  • XLS export in the Booking / Inventory renders without extra html (fix)
  • Street address now available for export in the booking index & summary


 August 6th 2012

  • refund updateSome transactions sent for Refund were being improperly identified as unsettled, thus a VOID was requested instead (as per the specifications). This would cause the transaction to fail. Both VOID and REFUNDS are now triggered in the proper order where required.


 June 28th 2012

  • New add-on Xero Online AccountingXero integration — online account system. See full announcement and setup guide.
  • Support for multiple payment gatewaysYou can now enabled Paypal and Google Checkout as an alternative payment gateway if using another integrated gateway such as or Sagepay.
  • Booking process now auto updates when changing date or categoryWe have removed the Search button when making a new booking. Changing the date, category or clicking on the calendar will automatically update the booking form.
  • New Facebook ApplicationThe Facebook application now support the v2.0 Checkout. See our Facebook demo for an example.
  • Copy capabalities added to item inventory
  • New WordPress PluginSupport for v2.0 interface added.
  • New Joomla PluginSupport for v2 interface, Joomla 1.6 – 2.5
  • New dashboard widget: customer calendar1 week view of the current customer calendar (under Calendar / Customers)
  • Update to “disable e-commerce” functionThe ability to disabled e-commerce on specific items now correctly sets the status of the booking on completion, based on you default booking status.
  • Salesforce CRM add-on updateSalesforce CRM add-on now creates contacts under accounts.
  • Activity log export now respects filters (by staff)
  • Fixed issue with not being able to add notes on some bookings
  • Fixed issue with adding and removing items on some bookingsApi time outs would on occasion show items as unavailable when added an item post booking.


 January 17th 2012

  • New Interactive DashboardA new interactive dashboard now replaces the static charts on the dashboard screen. You can add / remove, and reorganize items in your Dashboard. This includes new widgets, including revenue and a system wide activity report.
  • New Booking InterfaceCompletely redesigned intuitive interface works better with complex setup and pricing structures, and provides a more interactive and intuitive checkout flow.
  • Improved Calendar ViewsThe Calendar has the ability to drill into a day and preview bookings for the given time period, along with their status. You can also create a new booking from within any of the Calendar views by selecting the day.

    Each day in a calendar view is color coded based on the number of bookings, and availability of your inventory.
  • Real Time Inventory EditingThe inventory calendar now allows you to adjust the amount of items available in your inventory for any given day. This can be used to quickly increase the quantity of items available, or to completely close off a day (by setting the number of items available to 0).

    To adjust an item, go to Calendar / Inventory, and by click on a date. Please note, the account must have inventory management permissions in order to make an adjustment.
  • General Layout ChangesThe administrative interface has been optimized for better organization of your key information. In areas where maximizing screen real estate is important (reports and dashboard), the sidebar has been removed. Where there was previously a calendar, a new drop down calendar is available.

    The Dashboard no longer has sub-menus — this is strictly your dashboard. A new top level menu item has been created for the Calendar that holds what was previously the Availability, Inventory, and month based calendar. The Booking Report (Index), and Daily Booking Summary have been relocated to the Booking menu and the extensions are available under the Manage menu.

    Reports now include endless scrolling that allows you to traverse a table without having to page through large data sets.
  • Date and time format can now be set to override locale.
  • Inventory includes a inventory search bar.
  • Support for multiple discount codes per booking.
  • Support for mixed booking units (hourly, nightly, daily) — no longer limited by category
  • Customer Profiles and Contact ManagerThis update includes customer profiles and contact management. Previous to this, your Customer list (under the main Customer tab) was an list of bookings organized by customer.

    The system now automatically creates a customer profile when a new booking is made, and ties any future bookings to the same profile. Furthermore you may also wish to create customers who have not yet made a booking.
  • Added XML as an option in report exports.
  • Test Gateway UpdatesNow requires test credit cards. Can be used to test a failed transaction. Added refund testing support. See: Test Gateway Setup Guide
  • QRCodes Addon UpdateQR codes are re-sized based on the subject source. Subject is now configurable.
  • DPS / Payment ExpressAdded support for AUD.
  • refund issue fix.Addresses problem with un-settled transactions that can’t be refunded (now voided).


  • Adding more items to a booking now returns you to your last selected date.
  • – Double scroll bars in IE 8 when making a booking.
  • Some custom fields reverting when editing a booking (post booking).
  • Required fields not shown as required an admin when creating a booking.
  • Wrong day of week name on dashboard calendar in some locales
  • Booking Index filter not applying the end date when selected.
  • Availability calendar on the new checkout could not be forwarded in some browsers.
  • Discount codes not being applied if a space was included in the user input.
  • Search now prefers bookings over customers in the results.
  • Sidebar calendar added to the daily summary.
  • Added prev and back date navigation to the customer and inventory calendar views



  • – You can now remove packaged items post booking, and opt-out of taxes.
  • We’ve included the tax totals and subtotal while in the edit screen.
  • Ability to opt-out of a notification trigger while changing a booking.On some occasions, adding or removing new items from a booking would trigger an email notification (when enabled). For instance, if there was a PAID booking, removing all of the items would trigger a CANCEL notification. This is no longer the case. You can now make multiple changes to a booking without triggering multiple notifications. If you wish to send an updated invoice, you can use the e-mail button while viewing the invoice. This doesn’t not impact notifications in any other way.
  • Changing countries post booking will show a dropdown of states / provinces where applicable.
  • When adding and removing items to an invoice, you now stay on the edit page instead of forwarding back to the invoice (this should make it easier when adding and removing multiple items).
  • The 2D barcode no longer shows while viewing the booking in the admin (if you have the Add-on enabled). It still shows up on e-mails and print-outs.
  • A customer button now appears in the sidebar while viewing an invoice of their is a matching customer profile
  • The customer calendar now displays more than 50 items.
  • The inventory calendar displays bookings for that day when clicking on a date / item (as it was in < v.1.9).
  • The apply discount code input has been moved beside the total when creating a booking.
  • New payment gateway: Paypal Chained Payments.


  • E-commerce set: Can now set accepted credit cards under Manage / Ecommerce.
  • New Payment gateway: SagePaySee: SagePay Setup Guide
  • New Payment gateway: 2Checkout
  • added support for Auth Only transactions.
  • Changes to upsells / packaing.You can now adjust the amount in upsells / packages for “simple price” items. Note this is for the v2.0 checkout only.
  • Worldpay UpdatesNow works in v1.0 plugins, and added support for Payment Verification. See: WorldPay Setup Guide
  • Google Adwords UpdateCan now specify a label for the conversion id. Should be supplied if you are not using the default Conversion label.
  • Change / Edit booking conflictsOne some occasions when editing or adding to a booking, all the available items would not show.
  • Per booking discount percentage updatePer booking discounts, based on a percentage would error on v1 checkout.
  • Zoho AddonDisabling or enabling the Zoho add-on would cause an error within the Add-in center.


  • New wysiwyg editor for noifications and policyNew options for adding wysiwyg content including images and links. Also includes improved real time preview. Please see the updated docs.
  • Update to packaged items / upsellsAllows opted in items to be removed from the booking after the fact. ( Reminder that only “simple” priced items can have their quantities adjusted when packaged.)


  • New Payment gateway: BeanstreamCanadian Payment Processor with Interact Online Support. See: Beanstream Setup Guide
  • Resolved issue with $0 bookings being sent to Paypal (Standard)


  • New Payment gateway: eWayeWay is a popular payment gateway in Australia and New Zealand. Setup Guide.
  • Resolved issue with select box values returning to default on the post bookinfg edit screen.
  • Fixed category dropdown in the inventory calendar


  • New tax type added ‘per booking’You can now add a tax or service fee that applies a fixed amount per booking / invoice. See the updated tax setup documentation.
  • Copy capabalities added to events and discounts
  • PDF exports now use Landscape mode when more than 8 columns are present
  • You can now export and print the Calendar / Inventory report
  • Fixed savings display issue on invoiceSavings displayed on the invoice would show the savings based on a qty of 1. This now reflects the saving based on the qty of items booked.
  • Updated mobile styling to better work on iOS


  • 4 new rulesAdded the following rules: * Min and Max Booking Window * (limits how far in the future and past bookings can be created). * Min and Max Item Amount * (limits the value of a booking)
  • Rules can now be opted out of for customers or staff
  • New dashboard widget: customer calendar
  • New layout setup for the booking pageYou can now specify some global display settings for you booking page under Manage / Layout / Booking Page.


  • Added alias support in item setup
  • Added Colombian peso
  • E-mail bounces now show in the activity and booking log
  • Added bulk edit support in booking index
  • Removed ability to add a negative amount with flat based discounts.