TripAdvisor Connect: Have your Cake and Eat It Too

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TripConnect is a new service from TripAdvisor that allows you to include real-time availability, pricing and bookings as part of your TripAdvisor listing.

TripConnect reduces your acquisition costs by maximizing direct bookings.

Instead of customers finding your listing on TripAdvisor and being directed to book via a channel such as or Expedia, a link can now appear on TripAdvisor that takes them directly to your Checkfront powered booking page. Doing so, you avoid the commission taken by channels (TripAdvisor only charges a fee per click) and control the full booking experience.

Checkfront does not charge extra for this service. TripAdvisor will charge a CPC fee (cost per click) when sending customers to your booking page. The actual cost is determined by TripAdvisor on a per listing basis.

You are not charged any extra by Trip Adivsor when potential customers view your TripAdvisor listing, only when they are sent to make a booking.

Please note: TripConnect is currently only available to accommodation providers. Although we’d love to include our many tour and attractions operators, at this time it’s limited to accommodation including hotels, inns, and B&Bs on TripAdvisor. We hope this changes in the future.

Checkfront Setup

Please note this add-on is currently in Beta. If you have questions or issues with the integration please contact our support team.

In order to enable TripAdvisor connect you need to activate and configure the add-on in Checkfront. Login to your account, navigate to add-ons / TripAdvisor Connect.

TripAdvisor ID: This is a numeric id that you can get from your listing pages in TripAdvisor.

Enable conversion tracking: Optionally enable TripConnect conversion tracking.

Amenities: Relevant amenities for the listing.

Discount Code: Supply a discount code to apply to TripAdvisor Bookings (helps promote more direct bookings by showing a lower price for direct bookings).

Item Setup

Once the add-on is activated, a new option will appear in the advanced setup tab when configuring an item in Checkfront. Here you’ll want to opt an item into your TripAdvisor listing and optionally (recommended) set the Room Type.

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TripConnect Setup

Once you are ready to go head over to and enable your property.

For more information from TripAdvisor see the TripConnect FAQ. Still have questions? Check out this very helpful introduction to TripConnect: 12 questions about TripAdvisor TripConnect you were too embarrassed to ask.