Transformation Tuesday: Afrizim’s Site Builder Upgrade

by Taylor Odgers



We launched Site Builder a little over a month ago and we’re already seeing customers all over the world create some AMAZING websites.

One of those customers is Afrisafaris of Southern Africa.

Afrisafaris offers safari packages, lodging, and other activities all over Africa. Their team has created a stunning website that makes it easy for visitors to get inspired and find the perfect adventure.


Site Builder might be the only chance local travel agents and tour operators have of beating the stock exchange listed dinosaurs.” – Ann Pearse – Consultant at Afrisafaris Group


We thought we’d share some before and after shots so you can see what you can do with Site Builder.

Please note that while undergoing a website overhaul Afrizim also took the opportunity to revamp their brand— Afrizim and Afrisafaris are the same company. You can see the entire old site and the new site to get a better picture.

First Impression


We’ve all been told not to judge a book by its cover, but in the digital world of Instagram and filters, the old rules don’t apply.  People have higher expectations online and a website is only as good as its first impression. Let’s take a look at what we see the first 3 seconds on Afrisafaris’ website looks like:

Before Site Builder

Afrizim's Hero Before Site Builder

Old school: My initial thought when I land on Afrizim’s website is that it looks a little dated. The lack of imagery, low navigation, beige border, and pill buttons wouldn’t be seen on a modern website.

Where are the pictures?  Nothing that draws me into this site. It’s very text heavy. There’s nothing to post to my #wanderlust board.

Distracting: There’s too much going on. It’s not clear what the purpose of the website is and the blue and red elements on the sidebar distract me from the main content.


After Site Builder

Afrizim's Hero After Site Builder

Professional: If I’m booking a trip somewhere like Africa there are a lot of unknowns. I want to make sure I’m using reputable guides. Afrisafaris’ new website is very professional looking which makes them appear more trustworthy.

Engaging: The big header image immediately catches my attention and makes me want to learn more. It’s almost as if I’m already on a safari with an elephant two feet away.

Clear: The headline clearly explains the purpose of the website and what type of company Afisafaris is. There’s nothing distracting me from going to my next step— finding the perfect package.


To learn more about making a good first impression, download a copy of our Homepage Conversion Handbook.


Finding Packages


If your visitors decide to stick around the next logical thing for them to do is to see if you have what they are looking for; whether that’s activities, lodging or all of the above. The best way to help your visitors in their search is with a featured inventory section.

Before Site Builder

Gallery Before Site Builder

All over the map: On the old website the featured inventory was all over the map, showing different types of packages and multiple locations which led to confusion.

Mismatched Formatting: Some of the descriptions are longer than others which throw the formatting off.

Unclear Call to Action: Namibia’s”Read More” doesn’t follow our CTA Best Practices. As a visitor, I’m unsure whether or not I’ll be able to book if I click.  

After Site Builder

Gallery After Site Builder

Organized: Rather than showcasing a bunch of different packages, Afisafaris chose to feature what they do best— Safari packages. The top navigation makes it easy for visitors to find other packages if that’s what they’re looking for.

Descriptive: The headline and subheading help clear up the purpose of the featured inventory and let visitors know what they are looking at.

Uniform: Site Builder’s featured inventory module makes formatting easy. The pictures, headlines, and copy are always the same size. The result is a clean and professional looking section of your site.


Booking Packages


Your inventory page is the final gateway between a site visitor and a paying customer. It must be compelling, informative, and frictionless. There’s a lot going on, and a lot that could go wrong. Let’s see how Afrisafaris did.

Before Site Builder

Booking Before Site Builder

Busy: This page has too much going on. Similar to the homepage it lots that can lead visitors away from their goal of making a booking.

No Prioritization: The small booking form is hard to see which increased the chances of visitors getting distracted from their goal.

What they got right— images! The images on this page do sell the resort well. The formatting is just a little dated and clunky.


After Site Builder

Booking After Site Builder

Clear purpose: As soon as you land on the page it’s clear that the purpose is to make a booking. Site Builder makes it easy for guests to search availability on their desired dates.

Beautiful Images: Your inventory page is your last chance to convince visitors to book so you want to show off! The big feature image does a great job of showing off the resort.

Easy Booking: The page contains all the necessary information visitors need to make a booking, and nothing else. The result is a seamless shopping experience.

So which site are you more likely to book from?

Most likely the new one!

Afrisafaris had some great content to begin with. Site Builder simply helped them with organization and structure. The results speak for themselves.


If you’re ready for your own transformation, claim your free 21 day trial of Site Builder today!